Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Farewell Faithful Friend

Yesterday my beloved canine reached the end of his time on this world.

The dog that once leaped fences without hesitation could no longer climb a single step.

The animal that could once snap leashes and drag picnic tables could hardly stand.

The companion that used to chase deer up steep mountain trails, couldn’t even cross the floor for a bit of steak.

The animal that once took a car fender to the face and shrugged it off now had to drag himself to the water bowl.

Once the very image of canine regalia, now couldn’t even control his basic body functions.

He was but a shadow of the proud, noble creature he once was.

X-rays revealed a spinal disease that was eroding the cartilage and nerve endings in his lumbar region. In an attempt to regain stability his vertebrae were beginning to fuse together. Even with surgery and extensive therapy it was unlikely he’d ever do more than hobble.

I made the decision to end his suffering and he breathed his last in my arms.

Rest In Peace Duke Von Eldey, noble guardian of Nelson Manor.

You served us well.

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