Friday, February 26, 2010

Good Reasons To Cry

I think some weeks are just more stressful than others. This one started out horribly since I was in bed sick after spending the first part of the weekend cleaning up Alyssa's messes. Then Monday Caleb felt sick and ended up staying home sick for 2 days.

But that's just part of it. It seems lately the girls are crankier. I'm not sure why but it seems that every little thing sets them off. Is it the age? I don't remember my other two being this difficult at age 3 but maybe I have a bad memory or they were easier since they were just one :) Although by the time Kaitlyn was 3 I was already pregnant with Caleb and by the time Caleb was 3 the girls were born and at this point I can't even imagine being pregnant on top of my daily tasks of caring for five kids. Right now I just feel exhausted. I spend a huge majority of my day in the bathroom still trying to help Julianna master the task of going to the potty by herself. Feels like I have replaced changing her diaper two or three times a day with helping her go potty 12 to 15 times a day (or more). I'm wishing I could go back to diapers...

In honor of my rough week I thought I'd list a few good reasons to cry according to Julianna, Rachel and Alyssa (listed with help from Kaitlyn and Caleb who are also quite tired of the toddler crying!)

1. Someone touches you.

2. Someone touches something you are playing with.

3. Someone touches something you used to be playing with and have "declared" as yours - at least to yourself.

4. Your big sister moves your cup further in on the table.

5. Your sister has the green plate.

6. Your sister has the blue cup.

7. Your sister is in the carseat that you currently want though none of the carseats are actually "assigned".

8. You want your cereal from the closed box and NOT the open box.

9. You want oatmeal for breakfast and not cereal (even though your mom is actually getting you cereal and NOT oatmeal - the oatmeal is for your sisters)

10. Your mom tells you to put on your shoes.

11. Your mom tells you to take off your shoes.

12. Your mom wants you to get dressed.

13. Your mom wants you to put on your pajamas.

14. Your mom wants to change your dirty, stinky diaper.

15. Your daddy won't let you jump on his belly.

16. Your sister is in your chair (even though none of the chairs are actually "assigned").

17. There's a commercial on TV.

18. The current show is NOT Diego (Alyssa); (Max & Ruby) Julianna.

19. Because you can't be done NOOOOOOOWWWWWW!

20. Because your parents try to feed you.

21. Your sister has a toy you weren't playing with but now want.

22. It's the big kids turn to watch TV.

23. There's a speck of dirt/sticky food on your hand.

24. Your sister is wearing the piggy/striped/polka-dotted/snowman/flower/pink/yellow pajamas.

25. You're going into the front yard and not the back yard.

26. Your diaper is NOT polka-dotted.

27. No one wants to play in the basement with you.

28. No one wants to play what you want to play when you want to play it.

29. Your sisters aren't listening to your orders.

30. Someone touches you again...

For any of the above reasons feel free to howl and let the tears go. However, if you happen to do so at my house then you will have to sit on the blue couch until you are done!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Potty Party

This weekend I had hoped to host a potty party to help my kids want to use the potty. While Julianna is well on her way Rachel and Alyssa aren't even close so what better way to encourage them then to have a party?!

Unfortunately, we got the stomach bug all weekend and were not able to host the party. I was way too sick and could not risk spreading our germs. But I was able to get some pictures of the girls playing with their potty dance mats.

The girls were checking out the Potty Song on-line - they liked it a lot :)

We got some really cool mats for them to practice the song on.

I took some pictures on Friday when I thought Alyssa was feeling better.

Rachel seemed to do the best learning the dance :)

While I was disappointed not to be able to host the actual party I'm excited to hand out some goodies to my guests who wanted to come but just couldn't :)

(I was not compensated for this post. Received a free pack of Huggies Pull-Ups and a few promotional materials in party pack)

Monday, February 22, 2010

We Interupt This Blog...

For a few sick days. We have got the stomach bug at our house and it has hit hard. Alyssa was first on Thursday night and Friday. Didn't get much sleep Friday night because she was up quite a bit. Saturday I felt sick to my stomach but I couldn't tell if it was in my head or if I was actually sick. Turns out I was actually sick - very sick. Was in bed sick yesterday and am feeling a little better today. But now it's Caleb's turn.

So, since there's no way anyone wants to see pictures or hear stories about that I figured I'd share some photos that I haven't shared from a month ago while we were at a birthday party.

Me and my girls:

Kaitlyn may be 9 1/2 but she still enjoys Chuck E. Cheese!

Caleb had a great time too - but who doesn't love Chuck E. Cheese? Well, me when I'm also trying to corral three three-year-olds. I have a feeling it's more fun when you actually get to play the games and win the tickets. And it's only 100 tickets for a lollipop...

And some video I shot (clearly before haircuts):

We will return to regularly scheduled blogging when the sickness has left our house. I am praying that it will be very, very soon!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mama's Haircut

You asked, I'm delivering - here's my hair :)

One pic is after the stylist did it and the other is after I did it - I won't say which is which. Tell me if you can tell the difference...

Pic 1

Pic 2

The bangs are very different for me - I'm getting used to it but I like the color!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hair Party For Some Individual Style

The kids were off of school for yet another day (this makes 7 school days in a row!) - they have NOT been in school since Feb. 4th!! And they were off Feb. 3rd so for the month of Feb. they have gone 3 days.

Okay, that's not really related but it does help me feel better to vent a little! And I actually like snow but this has been well, too much. The DC area has already had 54 inches this winter the most ever. Believe me, it feels like it and winter isn't over yet.

Again, I'm digressing :)

Despite all that the kids and I were able to get out of the house and head over to a friend's house for a hair party! Okay, so it didn't sound that fun to the kids but for me it was great. I got my hair colored and cut and I think it looks pretty good. But even more fun - I got all of the girls hair cut.

Rachel was against having her hair cut but once in the chair she seemed to enjoy herself.

Look at that crazy blonde hair! I so hope it stays this color.

Alyssa is always the least cooperative when it comes to hair cuts and yet she has such beautiful hair.

Can't say the after looks a lot different than the before but it's trimmed up nicer - except for the bangs - told you she can't sit still :)

And then there's Julianna.



And after - she was thrilled to model her new look for the camera and to look at herself in the mirror.

Now all three girls have individual style - and when someone asks me how I tell Julianna and Alyssa apart I can tell them it's by their hair :)

(Kidding about the hair - I can tell them apart by looking at them...)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

I considered cropping the videos to make them shorter but thought my parents would probably prefer the longer one and this is for them anyway :) We couldn't be in Florida to celebrate their 40th with them so we are sending ourselves the best way we know how!

We love you mom and dad and hope you had a wonderful 40th anniversary.

The opening picture was designed by Kaitlyn and "signed" by every other sibling as a special card for Grandma and Grandpa.

To everyone else Happy Valentine's Day!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snoverkill in Snowmaggeddon: Are We Ever Gonna Dig Out?

For a while it seemed all I had to post about was potty training - Julianna is still doing well and Alyssa seems to be joining her - but now it seems all there is to post about is SNOW!!

As if 26" on our back deck was not enough we are in for another foot tonight! The totals keep changing so I'm not sure what's expected but I do know it's snowing now and is supposed to keep going all night.

Kirk spent most of Sunday digging out from the first snow - he'll spend most of tomorrow digging out from the second.

At least the kids seem to get it on the fun!

Here's the "before" out front:

Rachel's helping out:

At least until she gets to eat an icicle :) That girl will eat anything cold - snow, ice, icicle, ice cream :)

All the triplets "helping":

The cast off from the driveway was high enough to make a pretty good slide. Julianna is showing off her moves :)

Caleb was also a big "help" in shoveling the driveway. At least he was able to keep Kirk company.

Keep going, honey, you're getting there! (Took over 6 hours to get through the driveway)

Alyssa's checking out the slide:

But she's not content with playing around with the shoveled snow - no, Alyssa decided to wander off into the middle of the yard and having no idea how deep it was she sunk right in. Poor thing!

Kirk rescued her but she lost her snow boot. What is even funnier about the whole thing is how many times she's told the story since. She has told both of my parents - it goes "stuck in snow" and "lost shoe" - so cute!

And how is the backyard?

Still completely covered. Kaitlyn and her friend Madison tried to check it out. Kaitlyn got a small bump on the way out and we used snow to help it heal.

Doesn't look that deep? Madison involuntarily showed everyone how deep it still is :)

Still wondering when our front walk won't look like a trench.

Wondering when there will no longer be icicles hanging from my roof and everywhere else. And when my neighborhood may look a little more like what I remember.

After all, I do believe there's grass under there...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Buried in Snow!

We've heard varios names for the major snowstorm that just hit us this weekend; "Snowmageddon" or "Snowtorious B.I.G" or "The Washington Whiteout"

Whatever you want to call it, we measured 26 inches outside out back door. The video is a rough time lapse video I put together. I Know, I know, should have used a tripod!

Tomorrow we start the Big Dig.

Dates on slide show should read: Feb. 5th and 6th

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Surviving The Store Before A Storm

I thought it would be a good idea to get groceries before the "Storm of the Century" - not that I needed milk and toilet paper (apparantly all you need to survive a Washingtonian snowstorm) but still I did want to be prepared and not have to go out for a while if we do get snowed in.

But apparantly taking 5 kids to the store alone is not the best idea. Monday it went well but only one of them wanted their own cart - the other two were content to sit in the cart and "drive" the shuttle cart. Today they all wanted their own shopping cart and keeping 3 three-year-olds in line even with a 9-year-old and a 6-year-old to "help" is a difficult task.

Of course Julianna had to go potty which meant dragging everyone across the store to the bathroom while weaving around a myriad of shoppers. Trying to shop starting on the "wrong" side of the store is always hard - adding 5 kids and too many other people makes it about impossible!

To make things worse the girls aren't exactly shall we say, skilled in cart pushing or paying attention to those around them. So Rachel just starts running with her cart and since she's not looking runs right into another shopper. Not two minutes after I apologize and move her Alyssa runs right into the back of Rachel!

I get down on their level to inform them that they are not to run in the store and they must be careful. Julianna leans over and says, "I not running, mama, I not running." She is an amazing record keeper of her good behavior.

And of course, without fail, no matter what part of the store we were in we were in somebody's way. We either took up an entire aisle or were stopped directly in front of where someone needed to be. It might be a little cute but I'm guessing for the most part just annoying - these VA people are serious about their snow supplies!

It took me well over an hour to weave in and out of way too many people who couldn't possibly need everything in their cart before we make it to the check-out line.

But we made it! Me and five kids got all our food for the week and are ready for the storm. I say bring it on! I'm hoping for some record snowfalls.

According to NBC4 these are the biggest snowfalls in DC - only 13 times have they gone over 12 inches (NoVA may be higher).

Top Snowfall Totals in D.C. History:

•Jan. 27-28, 1922: 28 inches
•Feb. 11-13, 1899: 20.5 inches
•Feb. 18-19, 1979: 18.7 inches
•Jan. 6-8, 1996: 17.1 inches
•Feb. 15-18, 2003: 16.7 inches
•Feb. 11-12, 1983: 16.6 inches
•Dec. 18-19, 2009: 16.4 inches
•Feb. 7, 1936: 14.4 inches
•Feb. 15-16, 1958: 14.4 inches
•Feb. 16-18, 1900: 14.3 inches
•Jan. 29-30, 1966: 13.8 inches

- notice the last time was just in December. This is one crazy winter but I so love it :) Even if I do have to brave the grocery stores to enjoy it. But I tell ya this I have enough milk and toilet paper for the next week so we are good to go!