Monday, March 28, 2011

Silly Girls

I can't help it, my girls crack me up. Listening to them talk to each other - watching them interact - it's all just fun - mostly because I really love this age. Four is a great age - they can do some things for themselves, they can play together well while still taking naps (quiet time really) most days - what could be more perfect?

I've been capturing some of their funniest moments in recent weeks and thought I would share.

Before I share why I took this picture - do notice that it is bright day outside and they are wearing their PJ's or "pajammies" (pronounced pu-jammies) as they are called in our house - they are in love with all their pajammies and would much rather wear them ALL the time if allowed.

But for this photo they had found some "snapping dolls" that they have and the dolls had braided hair so they brought me the plastic dolls hair and asked if I could do their hair this way - this is the result:

(Disclaimer - I have 4 girls but I am NOT the worlds best braider...)

Piled on top of Daddy - also in their pajammies.

Apparantly these buckets are perfect umbrellas. I love how they all like to copy each other and when one decides something it's law for everyone and they all have to do it. So, someone decided that this was a great idea and they all joined in marching in cirlces around our house.

What makes me laugh even more is while I was the one that asked to take a picture of them like this they then gave me a list of what pictures they wanted:

Front angle:

Back side:

Turn to the left:

And then turn to the right:

Because you know those were important pictures :)

And no post about how silly they are would be complete without a photo of Rachel and her beloved books:

You have to notice the title of the book she's "reading": "Heaven Sent Husband" - while Julianna does ask me often when she'll be old enough to get married Rachel tends to keep these questions to herself. Apparantly she's found the answers in her books. Also notice how worn and turned the pages are - if you know me then you know that I have NOT read this book - this is not even close to the genre I enjoy so all the page turning is solely Rachel's :)

Gotta love it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bowl-A-Thon A Success: Thank You!

Thank you so much to all of you who sponosored our kids at their school's Bowl-A-Thon this past Friday. The kids really enjoyed bowling though the girls (and all the preschoolers) got really bored in between their turns. Since they had NO idea what the heck bowling was about or what the score means they didn't really understand why they got to go twice in a row but no more - and obviously no less :) However, they did seem thrilled whenever the board showed they got a spare - or maybe that was just me.

My bowlers:

The kids had a great time and raised money for the school at the same time. Thank you again to those who contributed! We really do appreciate it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Way Back When-esday: 4 Years, 4 Months: A Look Back

These days my girls are playing together and bickering like sisters - sometimes this is cute and sometimes this is difficult. At lunch last week when the big kids were in school and it was just me and the girls having lunch together Alyssa was having a little trouble eating her lunch and Julianna had a few words to say about that:

Julianna: Come on, eat your lunch kid.
Alyssa: (beginning to cry) She called me kid.
Julianna: Well, yesterday when we were sleeping Alyssa called me potty talk.

How can I not laugh at the silly banter between them? I wish I could capture the way Alyssa talks - it's hard to explain. When we took Lollipop to the vet for his injury Alyssa had no hesitations about telling the vet, "Lollipop has a problem." And certainly he did :)

But 4 years ago now these girls who are currently best friends at one moment and mortal enemies the next looked a little more like well, burritos :)

And of all the little gestures newborns do, the one I miss the most is how they put their arms up in the air while they're sleeping :) How cute are they?

Where did these tiny stinkers go?! Four years ago they had their first professional picture done - they were so tiny but somehow we managed to time these photos at the perfect moment between sleep and food that they actually cooperated :)

Four years ago they weighed 11.7; 12.8 and 13.12 lbs and we had nicknamed them Little, Leaky and Loud. Four years later Rachel is still the smallest of the bunch and Alyssa is still the loudest but Julianna leaks a LOT less :) Since the girls are obsessed with them being babies and often tell me how much they miss being babies (not that they really remember of course) they love to hear what we called them and Julianna could probably tell you that we called her our Leaky Princess while Rachel was our Little Peanut and Alyssa was our Loud Pumpkin.

Sorry to take a trip backwards but I'm always thinking about them when they were babies on the 16th - it's so hard not to!

I didn't really set out to participate in Way Back When-esday but since the 16th fell on a Wednesday it just seemed appropriate!

You can play along at Twinfatuation

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Owner And Cat: Matching Leg Wounds

Guest Blogger: Kaitlyn

You all know that I got a leg wound. Well, now it's Lollypop's turn. We don't even know what happened! Check it out:

When I first saw it (which you will see later) I told Mom and we took him to the vet.
She siad that he had to where a cone and stay in a easy-to-clean place until it stops oozing (yah,yah it's gross, save those "ews" for later). We chose the
master bathroom. That's where he is here.
Here he is with his cone:

This is his wound- (okay now you can "eww") what do you think it is?

(By Mom: we have no idea what happened to him - could have been a spider - could have been a sting - could have been shot by someone - we aren't sure. In every other way he seems to be healthy and is healing well.)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Caleb Had Some Fierce Competition

Today was Caleb's first Pinewood Derby race. Despite having never done this before and having no real idea what he was doing he came in 5th! I'm very proud of him even though he was quite disappointed that his best friend came in first and he didn't.

Caleb's car is the green striped one:

At least he looks like he's having fun:

The big track:

The boys got to race their cars on each of the tracks so there were no unfair advantages - then their times were calculated and the fastest overall was the winner. Caleb actually won one of his races but overall he came in 5th.

His car on the track - it's a little blurry but you can see his in there and you can see big sister Kaitlyn cheering on her brother :) So sweet.

There's his name on the big board:

Apparantly when he won the board displayed just his name - he was pretty excited but Kirk didn't get a picture of that. Oh well, we're proud of him :)