Monday, March 31, 2008

How To Feed Your Sister...

I used my camera so there's no sound - sorry! - but imagine them giggling at each other because they were. They think it is sooo funny. Rachel and Julianna seem to get along the best right now and constantly think it is funny to put their fingers in each others mouths. Alyssa finds it more fun to tackle and/or hit her sister.

And if you look close you can see our "new" table. We found a cheap table at a random furniture store and it works really well. I can finally take down the high chairs and we are DONE with the trays.

Current girl favorites:
Julianna: crayons (and she's getting it too!), pointing at EVERYTHING and she KNOWS what she wants, running in circles around the island - I guess they all like this though

Rachel: pencils, spoons and the cat - oh, and climbing on everything - Kirk found her standing on the desk, walking on the keyboard. Turn my back for a second!

Alyssa: cars (she finds Caleb's matchbox cars and carries them everywhere) and watching TV - doesn't really matter what's on though all the girls do like Elmo a lot right now

Friday, March 28, 2008

Port Discovery Children's Museum

What was the big surprise for the kids? I know you're all waiting on pins and needles. Kidding. We took the kid's to Baltimore to the Port Discovery Children's Museum. This is a great place. We spent a few days in Baltimore when I was pregnant with Caleb and took Kaitlyn to the aquarium but then I got really sick so only Kirk was able to take Kaitlyn to the museum and they had a great time. I've been anxious to get back ever since (can't get to the aquarium - they don't allow strollers there - yikes - are you kidding me?).

Anyway, that's why we just headed for the museum but it was great. It was 3 floors of kids friendly fun including a huge playground with zip line, two-story slide, wooden and rope bridges and all kinds of climbing walls. They played in water, went to Egypt, went through a wacky house and served us food in a kid-sized diner. As for the triplets they spent most of their time in the playroom for kids under 4 (Kirk and I took turns so we did get out of there a bit!). But they had a ballpit, kid-sized tables, books, blocks, and a pint-sized playground which the girls learned how to climb up and slide down.

We are throroughly exhausted but had such a good time and it was a great way to end the kids spring break...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quick Update

After some minor chastising on the nurses part for not bringing Rachel in yesterday we have determine that it was not a febral (spelling?) seizure because she did not have a fever. This I already knew :) We are also pretty sure that she didn't just hold her breath and pass out because we would have been able to revive her immediately and it doesn't explain the stiffness.

We're being referred to a nuerologist - with lots of phone calls on the pediatrician's office we were able to be squeezed in on Tuesday morning at 8 AM. She'll have to have a basic workup and an EEG - should be fun. I'm sure it's nothing but we have to be sure. Oh the drama.

So what have we been doing with the rest of our time when we're not dialing 9-1-1 to save our kid's lives?

We have been on Spring break! Easter parties were last Wednesday and we've been off ever since. Thursday we had friends over, Friday I was babysitting again. Monday we were out at a friend's house. Tuesday we got to see daddy for lunch and go into his office. Everyone there loves to see how the "babies" have grown. Wednesday we were off to Chuck E. Cheese for a late b-day treat from one of the ladies at church. Don't worry we had extra hands to help with the kids so it was a lot of fun. Today, Kirk took off work and we were able to take the older kids to see Whorton Hears a Who. So cute! Very funny movie even for the adults.

And in all of this did I remember my camera even once? No, of course not! But I promise tomorrow when we take the kids "somewhere special" - it's a surprise for them - I will bring the camera!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Rachel-Sized Scare

Yet another instance of calling 9-1-1 but thankfully this time we didn't have to take an ambulance ride. We all know how cranky Rachel can be and how much she cries and this was not one of her better days but by this afternoon she was fine and not so cranky. I was making dinner and Kirk was home when Rachel fell and started crying. This is completely normal. Kirk says we should note the time between babies falling down and crying. We re-set that timer every two minutes. I swear it's constant.

So, I don't think much of it and go in to check on her. There she is doing her normal thing of holding her breath and crying. Every kid does this - totally normal. But then she stops breathing. She never cried. She doesn't let out the breath. I panic and pick her up, nothing, no change. She's now turning blue and stiff as a board. I am FREAKING out. I thought she was chocking. On what I have no idea but the child wasn't breathing and wasn't responsive. I scream for Kirk who comes rushing in and grabs her. She becomes limp and I swear lost consciousness - she was out of it. Not herself. And she's not breathing. I'm thinking of how to do CPR on a kid and how to call 9-1-1 at the same time. Today was the first day I've ever called them because something was wrong (not to report another accident, etc.) The response was very quick and two paramedics were in my living room within like five minuts. Of course, the moment the dispatcher answered the phone Rachel was awake and acting normal and crying. It was nothing short of a huge scare in a small amount of time.

The paramedics didn't feel she needed immediate attention and thankfully a hospital trip wasn't necessary but they feel that she either had a seizure or just was so upset that she didn't breathe and then passed out. I have no idea which. I do plan to call the doctor because I do have a history of seizures in my family but hopefully nothing is wrong and it won't happen again. I'll let you know...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Okay, we have survived Easter. Does anyone else feel this way? It's a big holiday. You love it but you know it's a lot of work. Fortunately, some of the burden was lifted when we were invited to another family's for lunch. Since we have no family in the area it was just going to be the 7 of us. Instead we had lunch with at least ten other people, the kids got to play with other kids in a bigger yard and we were able to have a more enjoyable Easter egg hunt.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Kaitlyn's "loot" - small toys, new pajamas, toothbrushes, candy:

Caleb's "loot" - same as Kaitlyn's basically just for a boy :)

Julianna enjoying her eggs from her Easter basket. This is me trying to get actual pictures of the girl's in their dresses. We had no time since we were at church all morning - this is at our friend's house and the girl's weren't really cooperating (tired and hungry):

We couldn't get a decent picture any other way and so much for the dresses you can't even see them! It's a good thing we took them for a professional job :)

Easter egg hunting outside:

Caleb does actually have some eggs under that grass :)


Rachel (I had to chase her to get a shot):

Alyssa's got the idea...

Tuckered out - they refused to nap while we were out! (I think it was because they were sharing a room) - caught up to them in the van.

Rachel's out.

Alyssa's not so much.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I Love It! I Love It!!

We have been in our house for almost five years and we are just now getting to the last old appliance: the cooktop in the island. We've been in desperate need of one for a while so with a little tax money we are grateful to have a new one! Those of you who have been here and those of you who have graciously attempted to clean this thing will be as appreciative of this new appliance as I am :)

Before (and this is after cleaning):

And after (so cool!):

I know it's not the exciting stuff you visit my blog for but I'm really excited about it. I think this will make my counterop look cleaner, give me more space (since it's flatter) and hopefully increase the appeal of our home as we continue to think about selling and moving! Someday :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Life In Two Minutes

Yesterday I took a few video snapshots of minutes in my day and thought I'd share them since it's been a while since I've added some videos. They are so cute :)

If I were the cat I would have run much sooner!

I have been trying to capture this for a while now - watching them going up the stairs is such a funny, surreal and just cool - it's like a swarm. But I think this time I capture more their hate of the gate and their magnetism to the stairs...

And the Praying Mantis'. Okay, they hatched over the weekend while at school. They got fed one day this week and came home with us for Spring break which started today. We probably had like 20 live little nymphs. They were kind of cool actually. And we tried to feed them yesterday - the fruit flies are alive and well. The praying mantis nymphs on the other hand, not so much. I think we have utterly failed. We can't find a single live one today! What could have happened?? So, in this video they are alive and well and we are about to feed them some fruit flies but this morning we were disappointed to find them basically dead. I think the fruit flies have taken over... (If you don't like bugs - don't watch this video)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

16 Months On The 16th!

Today is a somewhat special day. The girls are 16 months on the 16th. I think it's more special when they are actually that many years but right now age 16 is a number of years away (thankfully I think). For now I will take my special days when I get them.

New things this month: they can understand a lot more - like "bath" - they all head for the stairs and go up - in fact half the time they head up the stairs they go straight to the bath tub. Yesterday when we looked at some model homes the girls climbed the stairs and went straight to the bathroom - Rachel climbed right into the tub! So funny. Julianna is saying "nana" for bannana. Alyssa says "go" and "no" (and she's hitting a lot which is frustrating - just her sisters though).

As for teeth Julianna has a ton - 4 top, 4 bottom and at least 3 molars. Alyssa still just has her 8 and Rachel still just 6. Go figure. No sign of those two more bottom teeth anywhere :(

A friend of mine did take some fun pictures of the girls today but I don't have them yet so I'll share some silly pictures that I haven't shared before.

Julianna, a.k.a. Chipmunk (she hords food for hours - I don't know what to do - it's awful), Lianna (she has her name above her crib and she has mutilated the first 2 letters - we don't actually call her that). She's crazy and silly and FULL of life and she still loves that tiger...

Rachel: a.k.a. Rach (she tore off the last two letters), a.k.a pen thief (she's a pen addict! she's almost never walking around without a pen or a comb or a spoon or all of these at once)

Alyssa a.k.a. Lyssa (this we actually do call her and her name is fully intact on her wall), a.k.a. drama queen and princess (enough said)

And these are pictures of the back of her head - I'm trying to get her curls. When her hair is wet or she wakes up a bit sweaty her hair is sooo curly. I love it!! And she still has the most hair...

As for mommy, I got my hair chopped this weekend. What do you think? And be honest!! I was just copying my friend Cherie :) I like the color but I'm not sure about the length...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What I'm Tired Of And The Flip Side

As the girls approach 16 months (in 3 days can you believe it?) I've been thinking about what I'm really tired of experiencing.

So here's my not-so-comprehensive list of the things that I'm ready to be done with:

- my pants doubling as a snot rag or tissue
- babies crying at my leg and being unable to move without stepping on one of them
- feeling like I should be done with all the tears and yet I hear screaming all the time.
- my lap never being big enough to hold all three girls at once
- the girls fighting over me and other things - pushing, shoving, screaming - it's awful
- the temper tantrums when someone doesn't get her way - I know these won't go away for a LONG time if ever but I'm already tired of it
- knowing that I can't make them all happy at once - if I hold one the other one is happy, if I put one down for another that one screams too - I can't win
- always carrying a toddler - my arms are killing me - these girls are HEAVY!! (except Rachel who's still a peanut)
- trying to do anything at all while the girls are awake - it's basically impossible - computer, dishes, vacuuming, etc.
- cleaning high chair trays - right now we don't have any other options so I have to suffer through but yikes, it's getting old!
- feeling like my house has just survived a tornado every day
- my new and bigger food bills - and sadly, the fact that right now I have only scratched the surface of the cost of feeding five kids
- the constant questions (okay this is a big kid thing), "what's a tornado?", "does it hurt people?", "is this a penny?", "can I waste it at Old Navy?", "can I have that?", "can I have that?", "and that?", "what did you get me?", "can I have a snack?"

And the flip side - the things that I love and am not tired of:

- the girl's smiles and laughs - makes all of the above worth it
- listening to them giggle and talk to each other every night after we shut the door and turn the lights off - Kaitlyn is jealous of their constant "sleepovers"
- taking pictures and video of them
- dressing them in cute outfits
- giving them sippy cups - I don't miss the bottles at all!
- giving the girls milk - I will NEVER complain about the price of milk - after the cost of formula the cost of milk is nothing
- listening to the girls talk and watching them learn - it's quite adorable
- hearing their tiny footsteps in the house
- cuddling with any and all of my kids
- the unique experience of raising multiples - I feel truly blessed to have the chance to enjoy three kids at one time
- the older two kids playing together - making up games together and reading to each other - I love happy sibling interaction
- the knowledge that all the things I'm tired of will soon be a thing of the past and they will be grown in no time at all
- the sheer love and joy I feel for all of my kids

That's my list 16 months in the making. I wonder what it will look like in another 16 months. Those of you with older triplets are smiling because you know what I still have to look forward to. So with that in mind please pray that every day I remember what I'm not tired of rather then getting bogged down with the things I wish would go away!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Picture Slide Show

As promised here are some of the other pictures as well as some of the outtakes - these are NOT all of them. Like I said we took 188 - too many to share so I've picked a few of the best and funniest. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Easter/Spring Portraits

After three hours and 188 pictures we finally have some wonderful portraits of the kids to share. We took them to Portrait Innovations this time (thanks Janette for the recommendation) and they did a FABULOUS job!! Take a look for yourself (don't worry - all the printed versions are centered and have none of the stuff behind the background):

These are the formal pictures.

Background #2; Outfit #2 all 5 kids...

Profiles (we didn't order this one of Rachel but now I wish we did):

Final background - and probably our favorite pics :)

Everyone's favorite photo of the girls:

Kaitlyn was a born model. She did all the poses herself and smiled perfectly in every picture - so adorable!

Caleb did great too - I was so glad that they actually captured his real smile.

And there are sooo many more - I'll try to put up a slide show of the other good ones tomorrow. It was really hard to choose but thankfully they gave us a CD with the whole session. Be sure to click on each picture to see them up close - they are really good!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

1st Place!

I'm sure you have all committed to memory my ramblings especially my recent thoughts on Kaitlyn's science project. Well, all my "hard work" has paid off and she won 1st place in her school science fair! I think Elementary School division or something. There was another first place in another division. I don't know how it works but since other kids got 3rd place or honorable mention I feel a little better about her "win" - it wasn't an everyone got one kind of thing :) She was even asked to take her project to regional science fair. Yea for Kaitlyn!

The project!! Those vials contain the egg case for the praying mantis and the other three are the wingless fruit flies (that are very much alive in there) - the big green thing is where the praying mantis will someday live and how the whole thing started. It looked so fun in the catalog - buy this big green thing and have a praying mantis. They just fail to tell you the rest...

First place! Mommy's proud :)