Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pictures Are Here!

And I'm over the top excited to share these with you. Should be able to overhaul the blog this weekend (after Kirk makes a magazine deadline) and finally have a new header! All photos taken by Kate Headley.

The new family photo.

My kids. Love them :) And, of course, I think they're totally adorable.

I think this is my favorite picture ever of the girls together.

2nd favorite.

I have no idea what Rachel was laughing about but I just love this shot.

They absolutely loved their glasses!

My favorite of the girls in outfit #2.

My girls.

My boys.


Such a beauty.

Daddy's girl.

Me and my son.


So handsome.

Do you think she looks like me?

Me and Kirk - aaaawww...

My favorite one of Julianna.

This one captures Julianna's personality so well - she is so vibrant and full of life - I love it!


Now this is the definition of cool.

This is so Rachel's personality - mischevious and always into something. It was either this or the clinging to mom photo - I opted for this one.

Alyssa's flying high.

I just love that her glasses are slightly off and she's just cheesin' away.

Super sweet.

Group shots.

Can you see Julianna's little face down the line? Thank God there was a dog jumping in the water right in front of us - kept the girls fascinated :)

This is mama's bunch!

We took the pictures in front of a lighthouse in Alexandria. Beautiful location!

Funny faces.

So Julianna wasn't much into the silly faces.



And Alyssa saying "bye" and thanks for viewing our new great pictures from Kate!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures While I Wait

I've seen my pictures from Kate and they are awesome but I don't have the CD yet to share them so instead I'll share some pics of the kids over the last week or so.

Kirk did a great treasure hunt for Kaitlyn on her birthday.

Took her all over the house and outside - even froze a clue in ice:

All leading to her birthday presents from mom, dad and grandma/grandpa :)

The babies have enjoyed staying cool in the baby pool:

Caleb's been doing some art projects both on and off the computer.

Being silly - sitting on her Elmo chair on the couch!

Guess who's idea it was?!

Rachel drew me a "rainforest" - I swear - her words!

The girls were having fun using magnets and making letters. And yes, Alyssa is saying "cheese" - now you know why I can't take a picture of her!!

Hopefully tomorrow the "real" pictures from Kate!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Slumber Parties

We have a slumber party going on here every single night of the week. Usually it's just 3 two-year-olds sharing a room who have NO idea they're supposed to be sleeping and would rather run around and tickle each other. You should see how fast they dart to their beds the moment I open the door!

But tonight we braved the waters and threw Kaitlyn a 9th birthday slumber pary. Yep, more girls. I tell ya I have enough girls!! We expected 8 more girls but only had 5 with 4 spending the night. I guess that works :)

The excitement started early this morning - it's amazing Kaitlyn could even last the whole day.

We went with a hotel theme - complete with restaurant dining and room assignments.

When all the guests arrived we showed them to their table (and take note - this is the first time my dining room has been usable in over 2 years!! - I think that means we're officially out of the baby stage):

Complete with menus:

The girls had drink options, appetizer options, main course, sides and dessert options and they took full advantage.

Mommy waitressed and cooked but I had some help (from Daddy, Caleb and the girls). Julianna seems to have an obsession with helping me with the grapes. "No mommy, me do it!" She even makes sure there are no stems left in the grapes :)

It was hard keeping this unruly bunch under control but I was tipped well with a number of extra handshakes and "thank-yous".

Since cake was listed as a dessert it made sense to go ahead and have it with dinner. Looks like a few little fingers got there first:

Mommy did NOT make the cake but I did at least write on it :)

After dinner, presents:

Then movies outside under the stars (Hotel for Dogs - so appropriate!)

After the movie it was off to "bed" or at least to their assigned sleeping quarters in the basement :) Room service was open until 11:30 - more menus - this time with candy and chips. I think we've fed them enough for the whole week!

"Room 101" (rec room):

"Room 102" (playroom):

"Room 103" (guest room):

Five very happy (and quite full) little girls:

Now all that's left is to survive breakfast - a continental breakfast just like any good hotel. While they watched the movie I baked muffins. I'm such a good mom :) Kidding! This mom is done for the night and so very grateful that birthday's only come around once a year. And no, I have no idea how I'm going to get through Caleb's 6th birthday and the triplets 3rd birthday in November. Right now I'm going to just pretend it will never happen.