Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Way Back When-esday - The Swing

This is the year we retire the swing! The girls are ready to move up to a "big girl" swing. It's hard to believe we're already past their beloved baby swing:


Rachel and Julianna - at one point I could fit 2 together!








2009 - today!!




It's these little things that drive home just how much they have really grown!!

Want to play along?


Saturday, April 25, 2009

We're Outside - Photo Heavy

And it's hot. Yikes. I think we skipped spring and went straight to the dead heat of summer.

Nevertheless, we've been outside all weekend and I grabbed a few shots of the girl (I say a few - I mean like 200 - my new camera is just a tad addictive! If you're wondering it's a Nikon D60 10.2MP)

I'm considering this one for a cute multiples contest - what do you think?

A few from the inside...

A new skill.

Playing on the floor.

Lovin' brother's hat.


Today we went to "Earth Day" in town. The kids had fun even with the 90 degree weather. We only lasted 2 hours before we headed home hot, tired and hungry! Thank God it was nap time after that :)

Face painting.

Rachel got a dolphin.

Such a boy - he's wolverine - those are his claws! No girly rainbows or hearts here!

I think it started out as a flower - I'm not sure what happened.

Of course Kaitlyn got a cat - there were live cats there (rescue animals) - she would rather have gone home with one of those!

We got a lot of attention with our wagon!

Why we love VA - those mountains in the background! Here's hoping when the girls get older they'll be less of a backdrop and more of a destination :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Put It On The Blog, Please"

My kids are great. The little ones aren't old enough to ask me but Kaitlyn and Caleb ask me quite often to put things on the blog. Today, Caleb was being cute on the playground and showing off his moves. I don't have photos of his spinning kick so you'll have to settle for these but as promised they are on the blog!!

And in for the close-up - also a special request.

The girls being goofy - they don't yet request their picture taken but they seem to love it when I snap some though we are still learning on the sit still part!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Would You Fight For This?

What about this?

Are you sure? Apparantly they are akin to gold in my house because they have brought about their fair share of tears!

See those letters? Well, one letter and 2 numbers? Yesterday Rachel cried for no less then 20 minutes when Alyssa was holding them. Then all of a sudden Rachel stopped and Alyssa was screaming. I go to investigate - you guessed it Rachel now had the darn numbers. Good grief do we not have enough toys??

And those books! They were a great deal at a consignment sale and the girls LOVE them.

Too much.

I know I've shared how Rachel must hand me everything in her crib before I take her out well, that now includes these books. All of them and no, you may not have one of them. Not even one because then Rachel will cry and the world will fall apart.

It's cute - I know it is but on some mornings I wish they could all just play seperately and not fight! They will love each other some day right?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Think It's Really Warm For Good This Time

It's been a busy few days and the camera has gotten a workout! Good and bad - when you have a good camera you take way too many pictures but then what do you do with all of them??!!

Share them on the blog :) Enjoy!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Way Back When-esday - Tax Day

I can't help it - it applies every year!

And a few other great shots from the same day - the girls first photo shoot (April 2007)




Finally a good shot of all three of them - Alyssa was very cranky that day!

Hopefully this makes your tax day brighter! Want to play along?