Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pooltime Fun

Our last Sunday here in Florida was spent at church, then eating a great ham dinner (lunch) and then in the pool. Since dad took most of the pictures I was actually able to get pictures of the girls in the pool along with the other two. This we're certainly going to miss...

Crazy Alyssa - how funny is she?!

Another example. Alyssa found the floaties that we had hoped to use for the girls arms - they hate them and almost all other flotation devices - except for the swimsuit that Julianna is wearing that has a tube around it - she insists on it. Anyway, Alyssa found them and "put them on" except she wouldn't let us push them any higher then her wrists - oh yea, that'll work!

After hating the water and not really wanting to go in for two days she decided today that she couldn't get enough and was in till she was totally wet. The girls really love these huge dolphin/whale blow up things.

Julianna loved this and Kim had to repeat the pouring again and again and again. Then the boat was full and she had to pull the water back out.

Rachel joined in the fun but she wasn't as into it.

Cool shot of Caleb coming down the slide.

Kaitlyn's been learning how to snorkel.

Love this shot. You totally know he's thinking "what now? I'm swimming here!" Today's funny Caleb quote: Daddy and Grandpa are the funnest! When I asked him what mommy was, he said "You're the huggest and kissiest!" I guess I'll take that.

Friday, June 27, 2008

NOT Tiger Woods

Watching my kids play mini golf is some of the most humorous times in my life. Even though it's been a year since they last played mini golf their technique has not changed. They stand at the edge of a hole and hit the ball. No aim, no look at the whole, no attempt to actually send the ball anywhere, they just hit it. And once they've hit it, they run to the ball and hit it again because of course it never goes in the first time. Again no aim, no attempt to actually have any form, just hit it in the general direction of the hole. And then do it again. And again if necessary. Once the ball falls in the hole, rejoice, pull it out and repeat. They can finish a whole course in about thirty minutes provided no one is in front of them.

The players: Aunt Kim (now official and back from her honeymoon in Jamaica), Kaitlyn and Caleb

Such technique.

Wow, Kim, another man already? I think Daniel's only at work! :)

This guy was watching us the whole time...

So I know this is totally unrelated but I'm ready for the girls to be back in their cribs. Alyssa has taken to the absolutely most annoying habit ever. None of the sheets we have truly fit the pack and plays that we are using thus they are easy to remove. Every night Alyssa decides to throw everything out of her bed. Everything including the sheet she's supposed to be sleeping on. Then she realizes that she has thrown out her favorite blanket and MUST have it back. Thus the crying begins.

Then I must go in to her and figure out what's wrong. I see that she has thrown her blanket out and she's begging to have it back. But I can't just give it back to her, I have to take her out of her bed, make it and then put her and everything else back in. Every night for the past week I've had to go in there and re-make her bed. I also have to make it before and after every nap for the same reason. Today she was sitting in the pack and play where the mattress was supposed to be! This morning she began at 5 AM! There is no joy in remaking a bed at 5 AM for no other reason then your daughter woke up and felt like she had to remove her sheet. It's a very odd behavior to say the least. Yep, I've already re-made her bed once tonight.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Picture Addiction

I confess I have a picture addiction. Every day I take pictures of my kids and then more and more and more. It's sad really. But I'm thinking that's what this blog is about. I don't share my random thoughts very often because I'm guessing you all don't care that much :) If anyone wants to read my writing then you can check out my other blog - no pictures, all writing. But if this is the blog you're after then you're stuck with yet even more pictures of my kids.

These are pictures from my dad's camera at McDonald's and another mall playground. Hey, sometimes I forget my camera and have to steal :) Also found some other pictures on his camera of when Kirk was here. Some other day I'll do a camera dump from my dad's camera but for now this is probably enough!!

(Pictures of my dad and I on the kid's playground were taken by Kaitlyn and Caleb respectively - they are following in their mom's footsteps - someday Kaitlyn will have her own post or worse, her own blog!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Florida Beach

After a month in Florida I have yet to make it to the beach. The thing is I don't really like the beach or more likely I don't really like the sand. It just gets everywhere and in everything and I hate trying to get rid of it. Why do you think I live in the mountains?

But tonight we broke down (or I did) and we went to the beach after a decent dinner out. The girls had a great time on both playgrounds and playing in the sand. I think I have some beach kids even if I'm not one of them! At least we got to see a beautiful sunset:

Wondering who the random family in the middle of the slide show is? That is Kirk's nephew Jonathan and his family. They just happened to be there at the beach - so cool. The funny thing is we have seen Kirk's family twice since I have been here - the first time I forgot my camera and the second time I had my camera but not my memory card. Figures. Hopefully someday some of my extended family will e-mail me pictures to post. In the mean time it was nice to be able to get a photo of Jonathan with his wife Kate and their 2 girls: Kylie (in the swing 2 1/2) and Jada - born June 5th so she's just shy of three weeks old. Wow! So little.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cabin Fever

A few months ago Mythbusters did a special on whether or not cabin fever is true. After two days of rain and being stuck indoors I can assure them and you that it is real. Mommy begins to get agitated and irritated and there's no real reason other then I'm tired of girls clinging to me and big kids asking for things. Add fighting and pushing and we all begin to lost it!

To counteract this phenomenon just a tad we took all the kids to the mall yesterday. Yes, I took pictures. Yes, I stopped to shop at Gymboree but I did get some seriously good deals. When you find winter pajamas in Caleb's size for just $5 you can't pass it up!! I think shopping for winter clothes in Florida is the best way to go :)

Pictures of the kids on the mall's cool merry-go-round:

Now I'm just praying for sunny weather!

Update on Ellie: Ellie was 2 pounds 4 ounces at birth. Due to her small size the doctors moved her gesstational age back to less then 28 weeks at birth. She is on CPAP to help her breathing and has already received a blood transfusion. Both are normal for her gesstational age. She has also received surfactant twice since her birth to help her lungs. She has a long road ahaead of her including lots of tests and as anyone who has had a child in the NICU knows it is an up and down roller coaster. We are continuing to pray for the best. I would appreciate if you all would pray with me.

Friday, June 20, 2008


The girls have been on one nap a day for about 4 weeks and it's going okay. Mostly it just makes my day longer. I have two large four to five hour blocks that the girls are awake. I used to have them awake no more then three hours before going down for a nap so you can see this does make for a big adjustment. Some days we go in the pool, others we go to the library or the store. The mornings are going pretty well.

But it's the evenings after dinner that the girls get cranky and we're out of fun ideas. So, we have discovered that taking them out front is much better then by the pool (see last post). And they seem to enjoy it.

In fact, I think we have a future Michael Jordan on our hands:

Okay, so I know she's a girl but just try and take that ball away from her! And if you actually do get it out of her hands her temper tantrum will make you give it back. Surely this a technique the NBA should employ...

What is Rachel holding?

She'd rather pull then ride - it was weird - I couldn't get them in.

And Alyssa? She just spent the night looking pretty.

And of course, I couldn't end without another video. The kids had a great time outside and Kaitlyn was doing pretty well playing basketball. One tip - if you bring out balls you must have enough for each child! One year olds have no idea what sharing means!

Other ways to pass the time: Jumping on Grandma and Grandpa's bed after bath in their PJ's! All five kids LOVE it:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Splashin' Babies

I just have to share. The girls love the pool. They love everything about it. So the other night I let them go out to play by it in their clothes while they ate ice pops. You know where this is going:

At least it was bath night:

Wondering how it ended? With me fishing Alyssa out of the pool. She went down a step and decided to keep going - right under. I caught her quickly and other then being soaked from head to toe she was fine.

On a different note I would like to ask you all to pray for my very good friend, Laura. Today Laura had her third daughter. While this is a joyous time for their family little Ellie is just about 2 pounds since she was born at 28.4 weeks after Laura's water broke 4 weeks ago. We praise God that she was able to carrie Ellie for as long as she did but they both have a long road ahead of them. I don't know more details but I know she needs prayer!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Rest Of The PI Pics

The girls are nineteen months today so I thought it appropriate to share the rest of the pictures we got from Portrait Innovations. Again you have to scroll down. Seems to be the best way to do this (be forewarned there are a LOT)...

Yes, I got a copy of the girls with the bear and Rachel screaming. Hey, that is reality. They did pretty good despite the LONG session but there are so many outtakes in the other pictures it could fill a book.