Thursday, June 29, 2006

16 Weeks

Okay, so I'm a day early on the weekly post but you'll get over it :) Kirk finally took a picture of me and the basketball underneath my shirt!

Here's some pictures of the kids in the pool on vacation. We're having a great time and the kids are having fun in the pool. Kaitlyn has learned to swim without any type of floatation device and is now going under water on her own too! She's doing great. Caleb is learning to swim with just his swimsuit (which has floatation stuff in it) and a noodle. They both go in for hours every day!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pre-Travel Check

Went in today for a cervical and baby check-up and everything looks good. My cervix is closed making travel safe (praise God!!) and they found all 3 babies and all their heartbeats :) Yea! No idea about the sexes yet but baby A and C had fast heartrates and baby B was a bit slower. They say fast is girls and slower is boys so we'll see if that holds up. It did for Kaitlyn and Caleb so any guesses anybody??

I have another check-up like this on July 12th and then my big sonogram is scheduled for August 2nd - that's when we'll know how the babies are doing and find out the sexes (provided none of them are shy!).

Keep us in your prayers as we travel and I will get more pictures up soon.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

14 1/2 weeks

Sorry I forgot to post last week - I'm trying to keep up every week but I get behind :) Short note today because I'm going to the doctor tomorrow before we travel to Florida. They are going to check the babies and my cervix to make sure nothing is going wrong. I guess if it is I'm stuck here but if everything is fine we will be heading out tomorrow night. Yea!!

We'll also post some pictures soon of my growing tummy. Yikes, I can't imagine what this will be like at the end! But we should also get a few fun ones from Florida. I'll leave that part up to Kirk.

I'll write tomorrow and let everyone know how the appt. went.

Friday, June 09, 2006

13 Weeks

Today is 13 weeks into my triplet pregnancy. I still feel all the first trimester symptoms that I hate - the nausea and exhaustion but I also feel quite large. I will post a picture of me and everyone can see how large I already am! I just can't imagine getting bigger but obviously that is inevitable.

So far, things still seem good as I am officially done with the first trimester and moving into the second. We are praying that all 3 babies do well.

Four more weeks till our next visit - I certainly feel that a lot of my life is now counting down from visit to visit! Hopefully when I can feel them move it won't be as hard to wait. At our next visit they will take a look at my cervix and if it's starting to open they will still be able to stitch it closed. I am really hoping that does not happen because I believe if it does I'm on bed rest from that point and I'm not ready for that!! (Otherwise, it's bed rest at 24 weeks)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

12 week sonogram pictures

Here's Scans of the sonograms from the 12 week checkup.
Baby A:

Baby B:

Baby C:

And All 3:


I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with triplets :) In a "normal" pregnancy I would be out of the danger zone now but as this is a higher risk pregnancy (not my term!) I'm basically never out of the danger zone. I was given a 20% chance of a total miscarriage before 24 weeks. I have no idea if that risk is reduced now that we've seen the babies so many times and they look good. I imagine it has but who knows?

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