Sunday, October 23, 2011

And More Fall Fun

Because who doesn't love even more photos of my kids and pumpkins?

At least I'll start with a sneak peek at our new family photos:

Can't wait to get more photos from my good friend, Kerri over at With Love Studios

I won't spoil any of the fun by showing you any more pictures - Kirk took a few good ones too but I'll wait to share those until after I get the rest of the pictures from Kerri.

Last Sunday Kirk took the kids to a local animal park/pumpkin patch with my moms of multiples club. I wasn't able to go but the kids seemed to have a great time anyway!

Slight obsession with the llama - they had just watched the Emperor's New Groove and were super excited to see one in person.

Look out! Sliding triplets!

Caleb loves it too :)

Don't get lost in there...

My pumpkin family. Like I said, who gets tired of my kids and pumpkins?

Hayriding triplets....

Kaitlyn and Caleb like the hayride too.

Mountain-climbing triplets. Nope, it never gets old.

This probably explains why my kids move so slowly (except when candy or dessert is involved):

Oh yeah, Kaitlyn was there! Seems Kirk didn't get many pictures of her :)

If you were wondering the girls have been there before but they don't remember because they were this little (not yet 2 years old). How cute were they??

Today we had another picnic of sorts to go to. Kirk's division at work held their own company picnic and we took the family - the kids had another afternoon of pumpkin fun - though this time they were painting them.

Did a little bit of running around - looking for a place to feed ducks - sadly we found none. But they sure looked cute looking!

Ooohh, scary girls!

Seems something has happened to all my kids teeth :)

Oh yeah, we did a little bit of eating too. At least some of us did - it has yet to be said that my girls ate too much.

Yep, they would prefer to color than eat.

Alyssa's duck - can't tell if she drew it but she definitely signed her name!

Silly girls.

Isn't Fall just the best time of year? We still have so much more fall fun to go! We haven't even started raking leaves yet...

Friday, October 07, 2011

You Know It's Fall When You've Been To the Pumpkin Patch

We're ready to go!

First stop: picking pumpkins

The kids learned how bees pollinate flowers and practiced being bees and ladybugs to bring pollen from one flower to another.

Fancy meeting you here! While we were eating lunch I actually got to spend a little time with Caleb who spent the rest of his day with his class and his teacher.

After lunch we went to feed the animals (the day was getting a lot warmer so Julianna and Rachel took off their sweaters - Alyssa still wanted to wear hers - hard to believe given the heat!)

Alyssa is telling me all about the goats she fed.

"What? That's it. I'm done."

"Please can I have more food to feed the goats and sheep??"

From feeding animals to swinging in a barn - this day is great fun!

We had a great time at the pumpkin patch but we sure were exhausted when the night was over!

6th grade on up didn't get to go on this field trip and I missed Kaitlyn though I can't even be in 2 places at once let alone 3!! I got to spend my day with the girls but that meant I couldn't hang out with Caleb. Fortunately, he did just fine without me and got to do and learn a bunch of great stuff.