Saturday, October 09, 2010

Kaitlyn Wanted To Be The Headline

I was teasing her about it but really it isn't that funny. To her it's not funny at all.

Do you see it? That little hook underneath Alyssa?

While the kids were playing on the cannon and trying to take pictures Kaitlyn fell - she fell straight on to that hook.

Happy here:

Now she's not so happy. I had met Kirk and the kids for lunch because Kirk's dad was in town and I was at our moms of multiples consginmentsale. I was on my way back when Kirk called to tell me that Kaitlyn had fallen and that he had already called 9-1-1.

An ambulance ride and a LOT of tears later Kaitlyn and I made it to the ER. The wound was quite wide and deep - certainly worse than any of our kids had. I considered pictures but that would have been a little gross :) Plus, Kirk left the camera behind so no hospital photos either.

Kaitlyn is a beautiful and sweet girl but she does not take pain well. So getting her numb enough for stitches took a LONG time but she finally got 6 stitches - could have had more but they left the wound open slightly to air out and keep it from getting infected.

We are all so relieved and grateful to God that it wasn't worse than it was. While she's in a lot of pain and will be on crutches for a few days the hook could have gone in a lot farther than it did or it could have gone in higher than it did and hit her artery or a nerve.

It's going to take her a little while to fully recover and she'll have a pretty nasty scar but she'll eventually be okay.

Your prayers for her are appreciated. One trip was bad enough - I do NOT want to see this wound infected!!

Kaitlyn is now #2 to get stiches (Julianna being the first) but Kaitlyn certainly had the more serious injury and will have the bigger scar. Don't worry, we've instructed Caleb that he's not allowed to compete!!

Right now though I'm not sure Kaitlyn is sadder that she got hurt or that she lost her favorite shorts in the process - besides the hole the hook made and the blood the paramedics had to cut her shorts off.

At least she has some new fancy scrubs to show off:

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