Friday, June 09, 2006

13 Weeks

Today is 13 weeks into my triplet pregnancy. I still feel all the first trimester symptoms that I hate - the nausea and exhaustion but I also feel quite large. I will post a picture of me and everyone can see how large I already am! I just can't imagine getting bigger but obviously that is inevitable.

So far, things still seem good as I am officially done with the first trimester and moving into the second. We are praying that all 3 babies do well.

Four more weeks till our next visit - I certainly feel that a lot of my life is now counting down from visit to visit! Hopefully when I can feel them move it won't be as hard to wait. At our next visit they will take a look at my cervix and if it's starting to open they will still be able to stitch it closed. I am really hoping that does not happen because I believe if it does I'm on bed rest from that point and I'm not ready for that!! (Otherwise, it's bed rest at 24 weeks)

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