Saturday, July 15, 2006

18 Weeks and Triplet Shock!

At 18 weeks the babies are doing really well. We went for an appt. yesterday and all 3 babies looked really good. For that we are really thankful.

We were able to find out the sexes and to say the least we are very shocked! The sonographer was 100% sure about baby A and B and about 90% sure about baby C. Are you ready for a shock? They are all girls! Yep, all 3 of them are girls. I truly expected all boys because Kirk's family history is all boys. I thought that Kaitlyn was just a gift that the Lord snuck in there. I never once imagined that it was actually Caleb!! I am a bit disappointed for Caleb. I truly hoped that he would have a brother and Kaitlyn a sister. I am kind of hoping that the sonographer was wrong about baby C and maybe it's still a boy. We won't see them again until August 2nd and we'll have them check again - all 3 again just to be sure.

Just a note - Kirk is doing really well with the news. I'm the one that's more disappointed that I won't be having another boy. Kirk feels like now Caleb won't get lost in the shuffle being the only boy. Kaitlyn is excited but she feels bad that her brother won't have a brother so she and I are praying that baby C is in fact a boy :)

No, we have no names. This was just so unexpected that we have no idea where to go from here!
Thank you for your continued prayer and support.


Anonymous said...

Look at it this way. Caleb is already totally used to a house full of girls! He won't have to adapt to it!

Sher said...

WOW - just a bit too soon to think about future weddings.......the panning, the costs, the joy of it all? Can you just imagine?!
Anyway, now that I have oyu focused way out there in the future lets come back to reality ..... :-)
I'm so happy for you both! I'll keep my fingers crossed that baby C will be a boy and if not, at least a "tom boy" so Caleb can share the boy toys. At least he gets to play the part of big brother and most certainly will be protective for the girls!
Congratulations family!
I'm so sorry we missed you while you were here in Florida. We definately want to come up and see you there. We may try to time it in early spring next year so we can see the babies and not worry about the snow either.
Keep us updated. Love the blog!
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

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