Saturday, August 16, 2008

Triplets Top Ten

As today is the girl's 21 month old birthday (THREE months from today they will be two - where did the time go?) I decided to list the girl's favorite things. They aren't really in reverse order because I'm not sure what they like better then what :)

10. Electronics - all kinds - phones, remotes, DS Gamepads - Rachel has even managed to call my parents in Florida!! She left a message on their answering machine :) Well, my dad heard me talking in the background so called to ask if I had called which I hadn't but I had taken the phone away from Rachel not too much before that. I guess that's better then the time Caleb called 9-1-1 and I had a police officer at my door asking if everything was okay.

9. Swings - all kinds - even the new tire swing that daddy hung up while I was gone.

8. Shoes - I know they're girls and should always love shoes but they are constantly stealing "big" shoes and trying them on. I can't tell you how many pairs we've lost and had to search for because the girls have decided to put them on and "wear" them somewhere.

7. Animals - well, mostly the cat and mostly this is Rachel - this girl LOVES animals - turtles (we did let Caleb's pet turtle go - I think he was tired of being harassed by triplet 1 year olds), cats, our neighbors dog, rabbits - basically anything that moves. (Yes, the praying mantis too so he stays up quite far out of reach).

6. Answering "no" to every question - I will get this on video soon but I swear anything I ask her they say "no" - Julianna is the most vocal and sometimes it comes out of nowhere. Kirk and I are talking and I'll ask him a question and she'll yell "no" from the back of the van. Always makes me laugh.

5. Coloring - yes on everything - and with the help of Goof Off we have at least cut down on the visibility of the marker on our wall - oh well, our hallway needs to be repainted anyway :)

4. Baths - they still love their baths especially if they can play with a cup and the bath water is running - they all like to play with that.

3. Hitting, pushing, wrestling, talking with their sisters. They are interacting on a much more regular basis these days. Julianna and Alyssa will knock down, drag out wrestle giggling the entire time. It's just funny to watch. They also love talking to each other especially at night in their beds. And while they hate eating they do love to feed each other and eat very well when one of their sisters feeds them - love that too!!

2. Throwing temper tantrums over anything and everything - they love to lay on the floor and turn red and scream - any reason will do but one of their sisters touching them is the worst - when not in a good mood #3 doesn't end well.

1. Their family - they are such well-adjusted happy little girls who love their mommy and daddy and of course their awesome big sister, Kaitlyn and big brother, Caleb. They love when Kaitlyn swings them or dances with them or lets them jump on her stomach - yea, she's crazy like that. They also love any attention Caleb gives them though it's rare he gives them much. He is too surrounded by girls (according to him) to want to share anything with them... The feeling is mutual - we love them too and are so glad to have these three great girls in our family.

Anyone else want to share their Triplet Top Ten? Let me know if you do!


Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

I could pretty much say ditto to all the things you just said. It must be the age. Even Ryan loves the shoes.

The pictures on the swing are priceless. Such a good daddy to put that up.

Angie said...

I'd have to say our top 10 would pretty much look the same,too.

All three love to wear the "big" shoes. If visitors take off their shoes they are fair game!!!

Those outfits on the girls are adorable! Great pictures.

Tripletblessed said...

Thanks to grandma and her addiction for shoes, my children are also afflicted! They really love to wear high heels even James will tell grandma to take them off when she comes over.
I'll have to think about my top ten definitly a good blog idea I may steal it!