Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pool Updates

My girls have made great strides in the pool area. In just over a week they have gone from clingy swimmers to ones that have run of the entire pool.

In fact I now have to wait behind them in order to go down the slide! Oh yes, they can do that by themselves as well.

Last week when Kirk was here the girls would only jump in the pool to him - they were even willing to wait in line to do it - but now they jump in on their own with no care if someone can catch them. Even my most timid swimmer last week (Rachel) is jumping in everywhere. She's more willing than Julianna to go underwater going so far as to jump in the other day without her life jacket on! I grabbed her right out but she seemed unphased - don't worry I have my eye on them at all times. Crazy girls :)

I'm so grateful because it's truly a lot easier for me to take all 5 kids into the pool by myself and more enjoyable for me to be in the pool with them knowing they are becoming more competent swimmers (though always with their life jackets on).

More pictures later but right now I'm spending the majority of my time in the pool!

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katia / crazy for trying said...

oof you're so brave taking 5 by yourself! I didn't join our outdoor pool this summer and I'm really missing it.