Thursday, June 03, 2010

School's Out!!

I can't believe it but school is out for the summer. Kaitlyn has successfully completed 4th grade and Caleb is officially out of Kindergarten. Tomorrow is the official, official last day but it's just the school picnic.

But today was Field Day and I think the kids had a great time :)

They had a number of activities set up for the kids - fortunately a lot of them included water so they stayed pretty cool.

The triplets were doing everything they could to get in on the action. Those water balloons were very tempting. I can't be sure but Julianna seems to be making an argument for keeping them all for herself :)

While Alyssa LOVED getting herself wet:

Rachel wasn't so thrilled.

Amidst the festivities Caleb got a hold of a very cool beetle and his greatest joy about having me there was that I had my camera and could photograph this bug.

After the fun was over the kids got to ride on the bus back to school. Julianna and Alyssa wanted to ride but Rachel didn't. Alyssa can't wait to ride again. Seems all my kids are ready for school but I am so not ready to have them all there. I guess I should be grateful that it's summer and I don't have to think about it for a while!

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Annie said...

What a fun day!!!

So nice the girls had the opportunity to went with their sibblings at the bus. My girls would do the same.

Enjoy the weekend.