Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Big First For Caleb

We had a big first for Caleb today (yes, it's so big I'm saying it twice!) - he lost his first tooth!!! He's been waiting and hoping for this day for quite a while and he was so excited when his tooth finally fell out.

Here he is showing off his new "hole":

All my kids know they get $1.00 under their pillow for each lost tooth so they tend to have a money earning plan: loose teeth! Kaitlyn has said to me before, "So, if I lose 10 teeth I'll get $10.00!" Well, yes but no one loses teeth that fast :) Of course, Caleb is losing teeth a tad late (Kaitlyn lost her first tooth just three months after turning 5 and Caleb is almost 7) so he may lose quite a few in the next few weeks/months anyway - his money earning plan may just work :)

In other news, Superman now resides in our home.

Want to know Superman's secret identity?

It's not Caleb.

It's Rachel! And she's very darn proud of it.

She will gladly answer to Superman.

She knows how to fly (really it's a very cool twirl) and she saves princesses:

Except this isn't any ordinary princess! She's a superhero also!

I have no idea where the "obsession" over Superman came from but they are also very much into Batman except for Julianna who is sticking with being a princess and repeating the phrase "Oh for crying out loud" repeatedly. They may be going on 4 but they think they are quite a few years older and have already reported their loose teeth and requested that they also want to lose teeth.

I'm barely ready for Caleb to be old enough to lose teeth let alone the triplets!

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Steven said...

Hooray! I love teeth!!

Signed, The Tooth Fairy

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