Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New Year, New Look

New school year that is :) This is my new look - well, after the hair stylist did it - when I do it it doesn't look quite that good. I'm still trying to figure out the curling iron thing :)

And the girls have new looks thanks to mom (me) - I am taking Kaitlyn to the stylist this week to have it fixed. We have had a few hair issues for the past few days and yesterday I'd had enough so I took my first stab at cutting my daughter's hair. I've done their bangs but I've never touched the back but yesterday I took the plunge:

I don't think it looks half bad and neither does she (in fact, she LOVES it) but I know it's uneven in plenty of places not to mention I had no intention of her having this cut when I started - it just ended up that way :)

Hopefully the stylist doesn't go crazy over my hack job and can make it look even more beautiful without her losing more hair but it solved our hair issues and for that I'm thankful and would do it again!!

As for the other girls they did NOT want to be left out and requested that I cut their hair please, please, pretty please with extra tears thrown in. And how can mommy resist that?

Yes, they love to wear their uniforms and have no desire to change when they get home - cute isn't it?

My girls and their new haircuts (Rachel has since asked me to cut hers even shorter but no, I won't oblige - though I do think a bob would look cute on her I can't bring myself to cut it any shorter)

When not in uniform the girls can often be seen like this:

Oh yes, those are puppets on her feet! I got them up one morning and this is how Julianna looked - I LOVE it :) They were playing some sort of game before I got them out of their room - absolutely adorable when they make things up together. Even better when they dress the part.

Thankfully that isn't her new look!


Anonymous said...

Love your hair Dorinda and all the girls look adorable!

Annie said...

All of you looks great with the new hair cut.

I love the hair cut of Kaitlyn. And she looks amazing.