Monday, December 13, 2010

What My Kids Want For Christmas

When I ask my kids what they want for Christmas I absolutely love their answers. They crack me every time.

Here are a few of things my kids "want" for Christmas - I'm not completely sure that all of these things exsist though!!


- a Diego costume
- a Diego spy scope
- Ariel princess make-over
- Lights
- not a ball, not a bunk bed and not a sock
- a dragon in the night for Caleb


- a king
- then a princess who gets married
- then a knight fights the dragon
- then the dragon gets killed
- in the castle
- that's all I want


- Boz the bear stuff
- a house and a Boz the bear castle
- Julianna has suggested she get 2 Boz the bears so that one can be the king and one can be the princess - Rachel has rejected this idea

Caleb (his list makes more sense)

- anything remote control (just about)
- marble stuff
- spy gear including this really cool remote control toy that shows you the what you looking at as it drives - "I saw it on a commercial"
- legos
- Wii stuff

Kaitlyn is much more direct in her approach and gave me a list:

You'll have to click on it to zoom in. Do notice the check boxes and the little notations on the side that tell me what is most important. She claims those are doodles in the middle of the page but I think she is also asking for 15 people for Christmas :)

I didn't intend to MIA for so many weeks but without a flash for the camera taking pictures was about impossible. That and being swamped as we get closer to Christmas! I hope your Christmas preperations are going as well as mine :)


Rachel said...

ooh, that Kaitlyn is a gal after my own heart, what with my love for lists and checkboxes.

Cherie said...

totally random thought and it might be too late--but my Kohls had an entire shelf of spy stuff--maybe something matches what caleb was looking for???/