Saturday, November 27, 2010

Were You Thankful?

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! We were blessed to spend the day with church friends at 2 seperate houses :) One for dinner and one for dessert. We had a good day and ate lots of good food!

We certainly have that to be thankful for! Great friends made through a church we are grateful to attend.

But the real challenge is to be thankful for the hard things. A week ago we had a women's night and we were challenged to be thankful for our hardships. In MOPS we were challenged to think beyond the "normal" thankful items and really think about what God has done for you in the past year. Of course we are thankful for our family and our friends and the things we have but beyond that what else can you be thankful for? Both were good challenges and got me thinking.

I can't say I'm thankful when money is tight, however, I am thankful that amidst the struggle God has always provided for our needs. I always wish I would "provide" a little more abundantly so we didn't have to struggle but I know that in the difficult times He is teaching me to trust Him rather than the money that is in the bank account and for that reason I am thankful for my money struggles.

What about you? I think it's a great idea to think deeper about what God has really done for you and in you!

In other things related to Thanksgiving I haven't yet posted pictures of my little Pilgrims and Indians :)

Last Friday at school we had a school-wide Thanksgiving dinner - the triplets were pilgrims (Rachel was unhappy most of the day - she does NOT like the spotlight and was dealing with some stage fright):

The preschool class crossing the stage in the Mayflower (at least I think it's the Mayflower):

The preschoolers were supposed to be doing hand motions while the bigger kids read and walked around the stage but none of them appeared to be paying attention :) It was a good attempt anyway.

Caleb, being a "big kid" was doing a lot of the reading for the program and he did very well. His class was reading the letters of the alphabet and what they stood for for Thanksgiving:

He made an adorable Indian (or Native American) :)

We had a great Thanksgiving meal with the school:

Yet another meal to be thankful for. It may not be as hard to be thankful for family and friends or food and shelter but I am by no means less thankful for them!

I pray your Thanksgiving holiday was just as wonderful and that you have a blessed holiday season.

Yea, it's Christmas time!!

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