Monday, February 07, 2011

Visit Recap with Aunt Kim and Uncle Daniel

Yes, I'm behind. They've been gone for 4 days and I have yet to post pictures. Sad, I know. But we did have a good visit and I think, just maybe that even Uncle Daniel enjoyed having the kids around.

But I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Of course, Aunt Kim was there too.

The girls fought over Aunt Kim and Uncle Daniel constantly. Mom and Dad were old news in favor of holding Aunt Kim or Uncle Daniel's hand. I don't mind - I love that they are getting to know our family better.

Besides tubing we hung out, played a lot of Pictionary on the Wii Draw (highly recommend it - love that game!) and took them to the Air and Space Museum to check out the planes.

In other news, I'm also a triplet!

I'd say we look alike :)

From left to right: Liz Nelson (Kirk's brother's wife who now lives down the street from us - yea!); Kim Hildebrandt (my brother's wife - yes, that's my maiden name) and Dorinda Nelson - yep, triplets. I guess they do run in the family!

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Denise Wheeler said...

Love that you are a triplet!!!

Glad you had a good visit. Love the pics. :)