Monday, February 28, 2011

February's Over

And I'm so behind.

The thing about 4-year-old triplets is that they're not that different from day-to-day. We are crazy busy but it's all kind of the same. Last year it was potty training - this year they are in school 3 full days a week which you think would translate into more time for me but ultimately it doesn't. It does mean that I have more time to have my devotions and spend some quiet time with God which I have been very much enjoying and I've had more time to coupon so I'm either saving more money or just buying more stuff - still trying to figure that out!

Plus there are all the days I spend at school to read to the preschool class or help with classroom parties. So we all stay pretty busy and sometimes (okay often) the blog gets neglected.

We are still alive.

And they are still so very cute :)

Favorite recent sayings:

All the girls: "It takes for a while. Why does it take for a while?" - obviously when they feel like anything is taking a long time - which for them is just about everything!

Julianna when we went out to dinner - the girls know not to play with knives and they always give us their knives from the silverware at the restaurant - this past week Julianna said, "Here daddy, you can have my knife so I don't cut off my fingers because that would be hurting"

I know they say cute stuff all the time and I want to record it but it goes in one ear and out the other no matter how much I try to commit it to memory. There's something to work on in March...remember more :)

Hope your February was great and your March is better! I know we're thawing out here in crazy warm (but rainy) temperatures.


Denise Wheeler said...

I have been a horrible blogger recently. You are right, they are all still as cute as can be. :)

Candace Hickey said...

Right there with you....crazy busy and no time to blog! I love the pictures of you kiddos...very cute!