Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Owner And Cat: Matching Leg Wounds

Guest Blogger: Kaitlyn

You all know that I got a leg wound. Well, now it's Lollypop's turn. We don't even know what happened! Check it out:

When I first saw it (which you will see later) I told Mom and we took him to the vet.
She siad that he had to where a cone and stay in a easy-to-clean place until it stops oozing (yah,yah it's gross, save those "ews" for later). We chose the
master bathroom. That's where he is here.
Here he is with his cone:

This is his wound- (okay now you can "eww") what do you think it is?

(By Mom: we have no idea what happened to him - could have been a spider - could have been a sting - could have been shot by someone - we aren't sure. In every other way he seems to be healthy and is healing well.)


Anonymous said...

I have 7 cats of my i've had my fair share of cat wounds.
To me you cat's wound looks like a absess that burst!
He could have gotten in a fight and got bit and then under the skin the fluid builds until it bursts. That's how my cats' vet described it when my one cat got an absess on his looked just like what your cat has.

Anonymous said...

I really like this Guest Blogger! This Kaitlyn has a great future in blogging! Keep up the good work!

O... I hope Lollypop will be okay.