Sunday, March 06, 2011

Caleb Had Some Fierce Competition

Today was Caleb's first Pinewood Derby race. Despite having never done this before and having no real idea what he was doing he came in 5th! I'm very proud of him even though he was quite disappointed that his best friend came in first and he didn't.

Caleb's car is the green striped one:

At least he looks like he's having fun:

The big track:

The boys got to race their cars on each of the tracks so there were no unfair advantages - then their times were calculated and the fastest overall was the winner. Caleb actually won one of his races but overall he came in 5th.

His car on the track - it's a little blurry but you can see his in there and you can see big sister Kaitlyn cheering on her brother :) So sweet.

There's his name on the big board:

Apparantly when he won the board displayed just his name - he was pretty excited but Kirk didn't get a picture of that. Oh well, we're proud of him :)

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