Saturday, April 16, 2011

School Egg Hunt

Yesterday the triplet's preschool class had their Easter party/egg hunt. It was certainly a learning experience for the teacher and I! Wow! I think there is an art to making egg hunting not too hard and not too easy. Meaning I have a bad feeling there are a few plastic eggs still in the grass...

It started out so well - they were all lined up, ready to find the right numbered eggs for their baskets.

But a few of the eggs were just a little bit harder to find than others and by a little bit I mean impossible.

Still, it seems like the girls had a lot of fun! Probably because they were some of the most eagle-eyed of the group and had little trouble finding their eggs. Or maybe they're just used to fending for themselves against their older brother and sister. No, I'm sure that's not it - has to be that they're eagle-eyed.

I've got one!

Classic Julianna pose:

Rachel found some eggs.

Alyssa's having fun!

Searching, searching... This is serious stuff.

In between they waited patiently for the rest of their classmates to find the remainder of their own eggs.

Yep, patiently...

(And I've got to wonder what Alyssa is thinking! Any ideas?!)

Today is the beginning of spring break - 10 days of home with the kids! How many egg hunts can I do exactly before they get tired of it?

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