Monday, April 25, 2011

Multiples Field Trip

Besides friendships with moms who understand what it's like to have multiples the moms of multiples club I belong to provides lots of family activities. One of them is field trips - a few weeks ago the girls and I took a tour of Harris Teeter but this past Friday I got to take the whole family since it was Spring Break.

We met everyong at Frying Pan park and did a self-tour of all the animals on the farm. Believe it or not it was COLD - think 45 degrees! And just as we were leaving it was starting to rain. Can't say it was the best day for a field trip - and when you notice Caleb wearing my jacket you'll realize how unprepared we were for the low temps - but we still had a pretty good time :)

We're already looking forward to the moms of multiples Spring party on Saturday.

And keep checking back this week for a special treat - can't wait to share! (NO, I'm NOT pregnant...)

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