Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday To A Real Man

Last night we watched a new TV show called The Protector. It stars an actress I really like, Ally Walker - her old series Profiler was by far one of my all-time favorite series. The Protector was okay but honestly I am so tired of the same old character on TV.

Her character sketch goes like this (and you will find the same character on quite a number of other current TV crime-drama series):
- strong, independent woman
- doesn't need any help
- is always right
- every male character is wrong and stupid - she can run circles around them in her sleep - other detectives may have thoughts or ideas but they are always wrong - only Ally's character, Gloria is correct - about EVERYTHING
- she dumped her lame, horrible, cheating husband
- can single-handedly raise her 2 boys - no man needed
- is in perfect shape making her physically superior to men
- must rescue others (especially men) and be everyones protector (as if, somehow a woman who weighs 100 pounds will be protection against an attacker but this we are to believe)

I'm so tired of this female character. Why is it okay to teach our daughters that men are complete idiots? Why do we have to push so hard that our girls can be independent and don't need men?

I want to tell you about the man I'm married to:

He's smart - VERY smart - much smarter than I am and I respect him for it.

He's an AWESOME dad - to say that I could raise my kids without him would be a complete joke - they need him in their lives - without him they would be missing something - they would be missing a FATHER and last I checked a father is a hugely vital role in a child's life no matter what TV tells us.

He's quite competent - believe it or not my husband knows how to do a lot of things - many of which I don't know how to do, so rather than me telling him he's stupid because he's a male I'm happy to have him help or do things for me. He can even take care of all five of our children on his own and do a very fine job at it.

He works hard, very hard - he holds down a full time job plus writes for magazines plus does other side jobs so that I can stay home and be a mom to our kids. He's NOT lazy - he runs on so little sleep so that I can have more - he gives and gives so that our family has what we have - there's no way I could do half of what he does.

He's not lame, he doesn't cheat and he's not horrible - I am blessed by God to have the husband that I have. I know there are jerks out there - men who do not do what they're supposed to - but you know what? There are men who are amazing and special and I married the best. And I want all 4 of my daughters growing up looking for a man like him.

Today my husband turns 36. I want to wish him a very happy birthday and I want to thank God for bringing him into this world 36 years ago and I pray that he has many more to come.

Apparently I'm no "Protector" because I need my husband and I wouldn't feel whole without him.

So Lifetime, until you can figure out how to make real characters and not sad cookie-cutter cut-outs I'm going to avoid your show. There are good men out there that independent women can love and respect and really, I find it hard to believe that every male cop is a stupid idiot just because of his gender. The plot of the pilot wasn't that good either.

Happy 36th Birthday, Kirk! I love you and pray you have a great birthday and a wonderful next year.

I mean, come on, doesn't he make juggling triplets look easy? :)

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Kirk said...

Thank you sweetheart. I also get frustrated by the TV depiction if men as insipid, incompetent, lazy jerks. Is the idea of a man who loves his wife and family and works hard to provide for them really that strange in Hollywood?

Thank you for my birthday, my love. I am forever grateful to have a woman such as you for my wife.