Sunday, September 18, 2011

Half A Month Gone, Too Busy To Slow Down

The kids have already completed 3 weeks of school and I have been in full volunteering mode with all five kids attending essentially full time. Believe it or not free time has been scarce. So scarce it has made blogging difficult!

But I thought the least I could do was put up a few pictures of my so very cute kids :)

Sisterly love! In chapel uniform.

Rachel loves modeling.

Kaitlyn does too :)

Handsome boy. Less into modeling...

And my whole clan in full chapel dress. I know they all hate it but they certainly look adorable to me!

They all say hi! At least I think that's what they're doing. Maybe they're just doing the wave. Hard to know :)

Kirk is in "charge" of the school's website and part of what they've asked of him is to put up pictures of kids in proper uniform. Of course, I am quick to oblige just about anything that involves taking pictures of the kids.

Here they are modeling their casual uniforms.

When in the world did she get so grown up?

Caleb goes a little more for the stiff approach:

But he's still a handsome boy :)


She's all about taking pictures in different place - it was her idea to sit on the bench and have me take her picture. The girls really love to be the subject of any and all photos!

I know, I know about the bangs but I'm trying to grow them out - just seems to be taking forever!! Rachel does all her own posing.

A great picture that I'm going to have to work with in Photoshop when I post about Rachel.

I have no idea what to do about Alyssa and her smile.

It's not much better on the bench. Hopefully she'll grow out of it and I'll get a real one soon :)

And a sweet reader made necklaces for all my kids and sent them to me. The kids loved them and I have been trying to get pictures of them with them on. Two down, three to go. Thank you for the great gift!

I have more to blog about soon - our trip to Six Flags for one but I think that's enough for now. I'm just a bit exhausted...

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