Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School's In: Off To A Rocky Start

Today marks day 3 of school but for Kaitlyn she's only been in one day! Fevers have hit our house hard and while Kaitlyn made it to the first day of school she managed to pick up her sister's fever. Alyssa started it, then Julianna had it higher and for longer than Alyssa did so I kept the girls home on Monday. At least we got Kaitlyn's first-day-of-middle-school picture! Doesn't she look so excited to be going??
Caleb started 2nd grade on Monday and he has been doing great. I think he secretly likes school though he won't admit it to his big sister :)
Kaitlyn seems a little more excited when she gets to school and has the joy of having her own locker:
I can't tell if this is the "I'm happy about this" look or her "I have no other choice but to be here" look...
At least Caleb's ready to get started!
The little girls started K4 on Tuesday. Because their birthday falls in November they have another year of preschool before Kindergarten. While they feel like they are ready for Kindergarten, I'm really glad they aren't there yet!
Some sisterly love (they did this on their own!)
So eager to get to class that they don't even wait for mom or wave goodbye.
Miss Miles has a whole basket full of apples this year :)
Alyssa doesn't miss a beat as she gets right back into the swing of things.
And Rachel got right back to playing with her favorite friend, Cody - we talk about him often at our house! So cute, that she has a crush at her age :)
Looks like the girls will be going five full days a week so that I can work a few mornings a week at the school. I'm a little nervous about my duties but the girls couldn't be more excited to be going every day. They LOVE school and for now even their big sister can't talk them out of it! We are praying for a great year. It's certainly going to be really busy around here.

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