Tuesday, September 26, 2006

28 1/2 Weeks

Yes, I'm a bit late on my 28 week post but I had a check-up today so I thought it would be easier to wait until today to update everyone on our progress.

Well, lots of progress :)

The babies weigh:

Baby A (Julianna) 2 pounds 15 ounces
Baby B (Alyssa) 2 pounds 14 ounces
Baby C (Rachel) 2 pounds 10 ounces

To make your math easier that's a total of 8 pounds and 7 ounces!! To make it harder for me - that's an ounce more than Caleb weighed the day I delivered him.

So, yes, I am uncomfortable!!! I would have to say that every day is a struggle and I get more uncomfortable but we are still going. As for the rest of things - the babies fluids look good, their kidneys all look fine, their growth is great, heartrates too. As for me, my cervix is beginning to shorten and the doctor has told us to pack a bag and bring it with us to our next appointment which will be next Friday, October 6th. I will be exactly 30 weeks at that point. He said the only reason he's not admitting me to the hospital now is because I'm doing so well but if I wish to go into the hospital he'd gladly admit me. No thank you!!

Basically, I am full term (and it shows - see picture) so I could go into labor at any time. If that were to happen I must get to the hospital immediately because obviously I don't want to dilate to the point where they he can't stop my labor. What fun :) Anyway, he did at least say that the babies look great and are growing very well. Their size is pretty amazing. Baby A is actually in the 60th percentile for weight! Pretty good for a triplet!

The babies are all sitting on about my right side. Baby A is sitting very low and she wouldn't look at us today. Baby B was the one doing gymnastics with her toes at her forehead and as usual she would give us a good picture - she even gave us a "peace" sign. Baby C is more in the middle now and is the closest to the top. She's always looking at us so her pictures don't come out as well either. It's harder and harder to really see anything in there anyway. The sonographer even commented that she was glad she was doing this weight and measure and not one when I'm further along :)

I guess that's about all for today. Thank you for your continued prayer and support. Even though the babies look great, are growing well and would have a very high survival rate at this point - we'd love for them to be in there another month longer at least so that their stay in the NICU would be even shorter.

If Kirk does the post next week it means I'm in the hospital so be sure to check in next Friday!

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Cheryl said...

hi Dorinda and kirk.Just checking out your blog. Hope you are still doing good. God Bless you both. You do look quite ready to deliver. You are in our prayers. We are so excited for you.

Love Cliff and Cher