Tuesday, September 12, 2006


We had another check-up today and things seem to be going really well. All three babies look healthy and strong. They checked all the kidneys and we had no extra fluid in any of them. Last check both baby B and C had some fluid so we're thankful for the change.

My cervix is holding strong and all their fluids look good - doesn't look like a birth any time soon - praise God for that! We are hoping for at least another 6 weeks. More of course but I'd take 6 more weeks.

As for bed rest, the doctor we saw today was more strict. He does not think I should be able to go to church or go out to eat so I am now really restricted to being on the couch or bed with my feet up or lying down on my side. I can go to the doctor and the orthodontist but that's about it. At my last check the doctor said we would schedule the C-section but this doctor said it would happen on its own and there was no need to schedule. He did recommend we bring a packed bag from now on just in case I get admitted - not necessarily because the babies would be born but for a variety of other reasons.

I also now have to check my blood pressure, weight and glucose every day to look for signs of preeclampsia. If I find any I must call immediately. How fun is that? On a good note, I must not have gesstational diabetes because it wasn't mentioned and I forgot to ask - woops :) I'm sure he would have told me if things were bad though!

The babies look great. Their heartbeats are all good. They are all still girls :) Yes, I keep checking! Julianna was all tucked up with her knees by her face - a little gymnast. Baby B (see next paragraph for name dilemna) looked great and was more laid back. And Rachel seemed happy in there too! They are all kicking up a storm :)

And that brings us to our name dilemna. Julianna still has no middle name. This is very hard! Baby B now has 2 name options - we are deciding between Abigail and Alyssa. Lots of pros and cons for both. Feel free to comment if you want. We are stuck!

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