Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back at the Hospital

It seems that the Nelsons just can't stay out of the hospital! We've all been home and doing fine for six weeks but Alyssa decided she needed to go back in :) Kidding. Over the weekend she just seemed to get sicker and sicker and was having a lot of trouble breathing and eating. We could just see her chest sucking in as she tried to breathe - it was pretty bad. Last night she also started vomiting after meals so today we took her to the doctor and they quickly admitted her to Prince William Hospital.

After some mucous test and a chest X-ray it was confirmed that Alyssa has RSV - a very contagious and dangerous (in this age baby) virus of the respiratory system. There is no cure or drug to help so she will be monitored in the hospital for a few days until she is breathing better. Right now she is on Oxygen and has an IV in her arm - after 4 attempts they finally got an IV in without blowing her vein - I think she got a little nervous when they were examinging the veins in her head for a port - mom got nervous at that point too.

Right now our biggest prayer is that the other 2 girls do not catch it or they will be in the hospital as well.

On a good note, all the girls got weighed today and they are:

Julianna 8.11 lbs - wow, she has grown in just 2 weeks she's put on well over a lb!
Rachel 7.5 lbs
Alyssa 7.8 lbs (looks like Rachel is catching up)

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Sally Jane said...

We are praying for all of you, Kirk and Dorinda. God is in control.