Friday, January 19, 2007

Julianna's Update

We went back to the doctor today for hopefully the last time for 2 months to make sure that Julianna is doing okay. Fortunately, she was able to get her shots today (probably not fortunate for her though) and not only has she gained back the 5 ounces that she lost she put back on 2 more :) So, she now weights 9.3 lbs. For thsoe of you at Grace Church you may remember that this is what CJ weighed at birth! The girls are not yet on the curve as far as height and weight percentages go but we're almost touching it. I think that's pretty good for triplets.

As for me, my parents headed home on Wednesday and I have been on my own in one sense but have had good help this week and I am greatly appreciative. Of course, all the volunteers are allowed to leave whereas my mom had no where else to go while she was here :) The 24/7 help was wonderful! I will post a number of pictures over the weekend of my parents with the babies. Grandpa did a lot of carrying and calming screaming babies. If I hadn't gotten a smile tonight from Alyssa, I'd swear she only smiled for him!

Grandma worked very hard, constantly willing to take care of the house, me and all 5 kids. What a blessing and we are sooo grateful for the time we had with her and just pray that she will be able to return soon to help. In the mean time, thank you to all those have come over to help feed and hold babies. Someday they'll be happy to sit still and play but right now they'd rather be held and for some reason I didn't grow a third arm while pregnant with 3 babies. I think that should happen :)

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