Saturday, April 03, 2010

2nd Biggest Attraction At The Cherry Blossom Festival In DC

Not sure if it was the triplets or the "so-cute, adorable, way-to-travel, look-at-that, I've-never-seen-that-before" triplet wagon but either way we got pointed at and looked at and talked about and photographed about EVERYWHERE we went and since we walked a good 5 miles yesterday we saw a LOT of people.

But not to worry - the girls were quite thrilled with their fame. Rachel and Julianna actually began waving to passer-byers :) At one point Julianna said "friend take pictures of us!"


Here we are in the middle of DC with monuments all around and cherry blossoms in peak season which only happens once-a-year and yet we were the center of attention. Go figure.

Fortunately, it didn't deter us from seeing the sites. Besides, I can't blame anyone - my girls are pretty darn cute and the triple wagon is an awesome, life-saver!

The girls had a number of firsts yesterday: first real trip to DC and their first ride on the Metro - they loved both.

Getting ready to get on the train:

They all had a great time - of course it didn't take long for them to be bored of the trip and want off. Confirms my desire NOT to take a plane ride with them :)

Like any good Metro rider the girls spent their time reading the paper :)

After a long Metro ride and a small walk we made it down the tidal basin and the first of the cherry blossom trees.

We had a picnic lunch and then walked around the tidal basin:

Caleb taking a break on the walk - he had the hardest time walking all over the city poor thing. I said "thanks for sitting to take the picture" - he said, "no, thank you mom, my legs were tired and you asked me to sit some more and that helped my legs feel better."

After the tidal basin we walked to the FDR Memorial where the girls got to play in the waterfall.

Further proof that taking a picture of all 3 girls together is pretty much impossible.

Best friends.

The blooms were beautiful but the irony was not lost on me that we drove to the Metro then took the Metro then fought thousands of people to see the same trees that we have in our front yard :) It was worth it - this is definitely NOT in our front yard!

After the blossoms we made a "quick" treck over to the Lincoln Memorial. Kirk took the big kids up the stairs - I hung out with the girls at the bottom - I'm not that crazy :)

And the view from the Lincoln Memorial - such a beautiful area.

We finished our day at Potbelly's and then had some ice cream. I guess this is what we have to do to get them all to sit still in a shot :)

Our day started in line at the Metro 10:30 and ended at the same Metro close to 8 last night. We tried to get on in DC at about 6:15 but our great wagon was not allowed on the Metro during rush hour. Great right?

The girls favorite part of the whole day? The elevators :) I have no idea why but they really enjoyed all of them - so funny! They also enjoyed the train - I'm not sure if they noticed the trees...


.·:*¨¨*:·.Hep*Hep*Hooray said...

hi! so i found your blog via the quints blog. anyway, i just had a set of twins and i have an 18 mo old and a 3 yr old. i am the oldest of a set of 6 kids including triplets and twins. i never thought of looking for blogs of fellow multiples to befriend. i love your blog and your wagon is seriously TOO cute. you'd think i would know tons of other people with lots of kids (esp multiples) but i only know one other mom. anyway, my email is my blog is private right now but if you send me an email i will give you an invite to read it. i'm also on facebook, are you? i'd love to get to know you a bit and maybe ask some advice and everything :)

Christina said...

Wow...I love those trees, and what fun to be able to walk around and enjoy their beauty!! Great pictures!

.·:*¨¨*:·.Hep*Hep*Hooray said...

oh yeah, where did you find the matching things for your triplets and their older sister (in the blog header). do you make them yourself?

Anonymous said...

LOVE THESSE PICTURES!! The girls are just beautiful!!!
Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing you family in a beautiful setting.


(Our blogs are now on the same BlogHer ad rotation. Stopped by to say hi.)

katia / crazy for trying said...

what a beautiful family! love the blue and white tops the triplets are wearing -- v. cute.

Erin said...

This makes me feel like there is hope for us...I can't wait to take bigger trips with the girls. Looks like so much fun! Your kids are beautiful!