Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family Visit: Short But Sweet

Not sure if it was new baby Addelynne that made it so sweet or the fact that Kirk's family visited us for the first time since we lived here.

But look at this sweet little girl :) She's just too cute! Oh yes, I got my baby fix for a bit! Mommy looks tired. Her dad is Kirk's brother and they had just driven down from NY. Add that to a newborn baby and a newly deployed husband and well, you are exhausted. But she still looks cute and happy to have her little girl. That's my great-niece :)

Here's my great-nephew. Addelynne's older brother, Branson. Sweetest boy I swear. He was so good and he loved Kaitlyn. Can't wait to see him again when we visit Florida in June.

And even though Kirk's family got in after 10 my girls were still wide awake in their room so we let them come down and say hello. Alyssa would have nothing to do with the baby but Julianna was thrilled to hold the baby. At least briefly.

Should I be concerned that Rachel doesn't look phased while holding a screaming baby?

It was nice to see them even briefly and we would appreciate your prayers for Amber's husband Will who is now deployed. Pray for his safe-keeping and his return to his very young family. We are proud of him and his service to our country!


MaryBeth said...

Will certainly pray for them!

Ski Jumping und triplets:) said...

beautiful triplets, have pretty long hair ... I like very long hair:)greetings from Polish:)