Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter And The Dress Fiasco

Every year I carefully plan the kids Easter clothes. I buy matching dresses for the girls and try to coordinate Caleb so they are all looking nice and spiffy for Easter Sunday. We take coordinated family pictures of all our kids.

This year was different.

This year Easter snuck on me. Don't laugh - it did. I just wasn't prepared. At the consignment sale I bought a lot of dresses - I have posts to prove it and the girls loved their dresses and looked beautiful in them.

So, great mom that I am I was going to go with the polka-dotted dresses - not matching but very cute coordinating dresses. I was set - even Kaitlyn had a non-matching but coordinating polka-dot dress. It was meant to be.

No, apparantly not.

For the past few weeks I had this inkling of a feeling that I was missing a dress. You know how it is - you don't see something but you swear you know where it is you just haven't seen it. That was me.

I knew without a doubt where two of them were but the third was alluding me.

And leave it up to me to search the house on Saturday before Easter to look for it. Oh yes I did.

And oh no, I didn't find it.

The house has eaten it - I swear.

I managed to pull 3 other matching dresses and get the kids very cutely dressed to church but no pictures.

You read right, none.

After church we went to our pastor's house for some really good food, some egg hunting and hours of Badminton - I have not played in maybe forever and yet on Sunday I played for hours. There are no pictures of that either.

All we managed to get was a picture of Alyssa with her Easter basket - notice the shoes - she was missing a sock. Didn't seem to bother her at all. We finally found it - want to know where? Underneath her plate. Umm, okay...

And of Kaitlyn who played Badminton for the first time and managed to do very well and enjoyed it greatly - maybe she's a natural :)

Lessons learned:

1. Don't wait till the last minute for things! I thought I was prepared but I wasn't - I should have double checked earlier.

2. Easter is not about the dresses or the eggs or the pictures - it is solely a celebration of the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and because of that we had a very blessed Easter regardless of how we were dressed.

I hope that you too had a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen Lord for without His being raised there would be no point to life.

He is risen...

He is risen indeed.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

~Mr.Wood = Occupation Triplets~ said...

Thanks for the advice. We are going to have a late Easter so I will probably check to see if the planned outfits still fit the kiddo's. Caden is growing crazy fast. They look great!