Monday, August 30, 2010

Ready Or Not, We Started School

And I was NOT ready.

I felt like we were scrambling around, throwing things together. Like I'd forgotten how to make lunches or get kids dressed :)

But somehow the 7 of us got out the door and to school on time.

And don't they look cute going?

(apparantly the cat wanted to go along!)

Kaitlyn is an official 5th grader. She did great on her first day back though I think she's forgotten a few things since 4th grade :)

Caleb is a 1st grader. He said his first day didn't feel too much like school - not sure if that's a good thing or not! Maybe his teacher has to give him harder work.

And the triplets are officially preschoolers!!

Do notice Julianna's bangs - she did that to herself - nice right? And just days before school. I hope I see a little growth before school pictures - I have NO idea what I'm going to do...

When I came back to pick them up Julianna was wailing that she hadn't napped. Poor thing was so tired. I think she was hungry too as they have no afternoon snack since they are supposed to be sleeping! I carried her out as she cried both about leaving and about coming back (who can understand 3-year-old logic?) - after some time to reflect at home she wants to go back to school and is disappointed she won't be returning tomorrow. We have all assured her she will get to return on Wednesday :)

Isn't Rachel a doll? She wasn't completely innocent in the hair cutting incident though she has learned to cut layers into her hair instead of cutting off her bangs :)

She did the best in preschool - the only one who napped and the only one who didn't cry. Kaitlyn reported overhearing their teacher saying, "Rachel, you're the line leader, Julianna get up off the floor and Alyssa stop crying" - oh, I'm so glad it's not my problem for a few hours!!

Alyssa didn't nap either but she often doesn't so she wasn't as distraught over it as Julianna. Apparantly though she did have a few minor meltdowns but she has an experienced teacher who handled it quite well and said all three of them did very well for this first official day of preschool. I'm proud of them - 7 hours is a long day and they all did as well as could be expected.

What did I do with my free time?

Well, I didn't have any. For one thing I'm still babysitting this week so I left all 5 of my children at school but came home with 2 of somebody else's. Not as ideal as I would like but it's only for this week until they go back to school next week. I did, however, drag them along with me on errands all day and with no nap time to worry about we were able to get a lot done.

For the first time I have high hopes that I can get my house in order and get rid of stuff we don't need. Though if all my "off" days end up like today I'm not sure that will happen.

I need to get to bed or tomorrow will be even worse than today!

Here's to a great new school year and a whole new chapter in life...


MaryBeth said...

They look so big now! Will they go 3 days or 5? My girls meet their teacher tomorrow and then start after Labor Day... MWF from 8:20 to noon. I am excited about my "free" time too!

Annie said...

They look so cute!!! So glad they had a great first day of classes.