Sunday, May 01, 2011

Counting Down To 15 Years

In 10 days Kirk and I celebrate 15 years of marriage. Fifteen years may not seem as big as the tenth or twentieth anniversary but it's pretty big to me :) The past 15 years have not been without their bumps and bruises - amazing highs and amazing lows.

When we said our vows all those years ago I certainly didn't foresee a lot of what lie ahead. I mean who could have predicted we'd have 5 kids? I wouldn't have guessed I'd have 4 girls especially that 3 of them would be triplets! At the time we lived in Florida and now we're in Virginia. We've lost Kirk's mom since our wedding and we still miss her. We have no idea what lies ahead but I am grateful that I still have Kirk standing next to me as my husband and my best friend.

So, 10 days out from our anniversary I thought I would take a moment and list 10 reasons why I love Kirk - this is not an exhaustive list and it isn't in order from least to greatest but it's a small attempt of mine to show my husband how I love him and how happy I am that we will be celebrating 15 years together.

10. He's a hard worker - he works full time at his job and then comes home and helps me with dinner or other activities at home and then goes back to work at his other job to make sure our family is provided for.

9. He has amazing talent - I am constantly impressed at how good he is at what he does. God has given him the talent he has and he uses it well. I don't understand half of what he does but I see the results and they are amazing! He writes for THIS magazine and THIS one - how cool is that?

8. He has a tattoo with my name on it - come on, that's just cool! Not only does it have my name but he designed it, got it done and surprised me with it about a year and a half ago. How's that for romance?

7. He's a great dad - ever since Kaitlyn was born he has pitched in without question or complaint. When the triplets were born he helped with feedings and changings. Now that they're older he makes every effort to spend time with all the kids and they have a great relationship.

6. He has a servant's heart - not only does he work to provide for our family he helps me at home whenever he can. When I say "Do you mind grabbing this for me?" He always responds with "Don't mind at all" - I aspire to his servant's heart.

5. He puts up with me - I'm not putting myself down here - I'm just stating the obvious that I am a flawed sinner and Kirk has put up with me for 15 years with patience and love.

4. He always encourages me - whether it's couponing or writing or mothering or whatever I endeavor to do he is willing to support me and encourage me and help wherever he can.

3. He forgives - a bit like #5 but even more than that - another lesson I can take from my husband - the ability to forgive - I am grateful to constantly be on the receiving end.

2. He loves Christ - he has a strong faith in Christ and I love to see it grow as he strives to love me as Christ loves the church and as he strives to love me in a self-sacrificial way. I love to have theological discussions with him, to discuss the Bible and what we have learned - our relationship with one another is greater because of his love for our Lord.

1. He is the man God created for me - while not every day is easy (despite being awesome Kirk is a sinner too!) Kirk is the man that God created for me and I for him and I am proud to be his wife.

I'm know this isn't a complete list but this is a small idea of how blessed I feel to be married to Kirk and to be loved by him. I am very excited to be celebrating 15 years of marriage in 10 days. By God's grace we are still together and by His grace we will be together for many, many years to come.


Andrea said...

Very sweet post!

Kirk said...

My love, Thank you. This is very sweet. Know that you are the love of my life and I spend each and every day just trying to be the husband you deserve.

The past 15 years have flown by, I can't express how precious they are to me. I hope by God's grace, this is just the beginning.

love you,