Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nelsons Multiplied! Happy Thanksgiving

We have traveled to Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving with Kirk's side of the family - the entire Nelson clan to be exact.

You can see our Households represented here from left to right: Uncle Ross & Aunt Liz, Uncle Neil & Aunt Jess, Grandad, Us, Great-Grandpa & Great-Grandma, then Great-Uncle Larry & Great-Aunt Cheryl with Cousin Amanda.

The Girls having fun picking out quilts in Great Grandma's Sewing Room!

While Caleb cracks and shells pecans he gathered from Great-Grandpa's pecan trees for some delicious homemade pecan pie!

Kirk had fun riding the 4-wheeler around the farm. And yes, we all got rides!

Four Generations of "Ralph Nelsons" Kevin Ralph, Kirk Ralph, Oliver Ralph, and Caleb Ralph.

There were so many Nelsons for Thanksgiving Dinner we had to hold the event in the fellowship hall of Great-Grandma's church! So much great farm cooked food thanks to the culinary skills of Aunt Cheryl! Mmmmmm...

We certainly had a Happy Thanksgiving out on the old family farm. We hope you had one as well.

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