Friday, August 11, 2006

22 Weeks

We are 2 weeks from viable! Lord willing we will go much farther than that but it's exciting to know that we're getting close to the point where all the babies could survive. Keep praying with us that they stay in longer no matter how much I complain about it!

We still have no middle names for Julianna and Abigail. We're still working on it and we'll let you know when we have made a decision :) Of course, baby names are always subject to change until those birth certificates are signed. I mean one of them could still be a boy right? :)

I've spent the last week trying to be on bed rest and it's a huge pain in the neck. Literally. It's harder and more painful than I would have expected. I thought it would be fun for a week or so to just have to relax but my belly keeps getting in the way. Kaitlyn and Caleb are a little confused about the whole thing - esepcially the fact that I can't go up and down the stairs anymore but they're doing well. Allyson and Julia come over and keep them occupied during the day. The four of them together get along really well and are doing great! They are constantly playing silly pretend games but it's adorable.

Right now I'm watching a Discovery Health Channel show (yes, I do like that channel!) on triplets. Three couples having triplets. Seems the average time in the hospital for these couples is just about 2 weeks which isn't too bad. We can pray for that! An interesting statistic that only about 10 to 20% of triplets gets beyond the 34 to 35 week mark - that would put us at very early November. And don't forget - Caleb's 3rd birthday on November 10th - marks my 35th week. It will be fun to find out whether or not he'll be 3 or not when his sisters are born.

Thanks again to everyone for your prayer and support. We look forward to sharing all these girls with you!

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God will bless you and give you strength!