Thursday, August 17, 2006

5 Months (23 Weeks)

"Research shows that triplets require 200 hours of work a week. That's 30 hours more than there are in a week." Direct quote from Discovery Health's show Baby Baby. Oh great, as if I didn't already think we were in enough trouble!!

I am now officially 5 months pregnant. I guess that's a good thing :) The girls are kicking quite a bit but not all the time. They definitely have their active periods which is kind of neat. I'm exhausted but not as exhausted as I will be when they're actually here.

Caleb enjoys talking to his sisters. Well, today he was yelling at them :) One of them was pushing up and he was telling her to get back in there! I have a feeling he'll share the same sentiment when they come out.

Bed rest is awful. TV gets old believe it or not. I feel like I'm just hanging around waiting for something to happen and it's only just begun. All your prayers are appreciated.

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