Wednesday, August 02, 2006

And the sonographer was...

Correct :) We are having 3 girls. The sonographer we saw today has been doing these scans for something like 15 years and she has promised us that there are no boy parts in there. Oh well, I kind of hoped that maybe they were wrong about one of them but we are still excited to have 3 new baby girls!

We'd like to introduce:

Baby A: Julianna

Baby B: Abigail

Baby C: Rachel Gabrielle

Sorry there's not a clearer picture of Rachel, but she wasn't as "cooperative" as her sisters. Could she already be developing a personality?

Names are subject to change especially since I'm so picky and worry if I've picked the right one up until the last moment! We have no middle names for Julianna or Abigail but hopefully we will soon.

All the babies look good. Baby C did not seem to have any signs of Down Syndrome, however, baby B had a slight enlargement of the fluid in one of her kidneys which increases her risk for Down Syndrome. Her previous testing showed a very, very slight chance (1 in 494 to be exact) so this just make it a tad more likely but really not much. Our only option would be an amnio and we'd rather not do that so we'll just pray that they are all healthy unless the Lord wills otherwise and we will praise Him for what we have received!

The doctor I saw today said I should be on bed rest now but her version didn't seem quite as strict. Hard to tell. I guess I'll just ease myself into it but I really need to rest more which is hard! I imagine the larger I get the more I'll stay put in bed myself :)

My next appt. is August 30th and we'll have more scans to monitor the babies growth. They'll also be watching Baby B's kidneys to see if there's any more reason for concern.


Tammy said...

Well, from just looking at the names, I can tell who Julia's favorite baby will be!

sally said...

I love all the names. They sound so rich! Looking forward to dinner. . .sometime!