Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Put It On The Blog, Please"

My kids are great. The little ones aren't old enough to ask me but Kaitlyn and Caleb ask me quite often to put things on the blog. Today, Caleb was being cute on the playground and showing off his moves. I don't have photos of his spinning kick so you'll have to settle for these but as promised they are on the blog!!

And in for the close-up - also a special request.

The girls being goofy - they don't yet request their picture taken but they seem to love it when I snap some though we are still learning on the sit still part!!


Kristy said...

Are you lovin' your new camera? Cute pictures!

And yes, my boys would fight for those letters...right now the toy of choice is a toy screwdriver...ugh--the fights!

Denise Wheeler said...

Cute and in no time the girls will be asking you to put things on the blog as well.
As for the books and letters. Yeah, that would be a huge fight in my house. I have taken to hiding lots of things when they start fighting. Ugh!