Saturday, October 24, 2009

Girls First Friend Birthday Party

We've done a few home parties but today was the first time the girls got invited out to a party at a location. The party was for their friends and not big sister or big sisters. They were big kids! At one point today I was telling Julianna she was a big girl and tonight she said to daddy, "I'm a big girl, mommy said so!"

Yes mommy did :)

The party was at a big bounce house and the girls were thrilled to climb the moonbounces and slide down.

Alyssa loved everything and went everywhere alone. Julianna stuck closer to me but was still willing to go alone. Rachel, as usual, stuck to me more and despite the fact that she climbed the bookshelf in her room the other night she was not willing to go on the larger moonbounces by herself. Yikes, even 24 pounds is heavy when it's hung around your neck as you climb!!

Partners in crime...

Miss Independent (Alyssa):

Julianna having fun.

Then onto the party room for pizza, juice and cake.

The birthday girls: Mikayla and Savanna.

My girls just wanted to go straight for the cake. Well, after they drank some juice :)

And who could blame them? The cake was gorgeous! And delicious :)

Alyssa agrees. The little cakes were for Mikayla and Savanna. Alyssa tried to help them blow out the candles from across the room. Cracked me up - I could hear her blowing over everybody!

All 5 princesses sitting on, well, fighting over, the throne.

We lost Mikayla! But now Alyssa decided she needed to be seen in the picture - look at that crazy grin :)

The girls had a great time and LOVED their goody bags. Of course they were willing to line up for a picture but I couldn't get all three of them to smile or even look at me at the same time! Little stinkers.

Happy 3rd birthday Mikayla and Savanna! We had a great time and the girls were thrilled to be at their first friend birthday party :) Now they are counting down the days till their birthday. Of course I won't let them forget that Caleb's birthday comes first. That and Grandma's next week. This time of year is busy for us! Doesn't matter - I still love fall :)

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Annie said...

It look like a fun party. So glad the girls enjoyed it.

Happy Sunday.