Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Way Back When-esday: Hospital Stay

It's extremely hard to believe that 3 years ago today I had just been admitted to the hospital for the remainder of my triplet pregnancy. I would have to say that was the beginning of some of the hardest weeks in my life.

This is me shortly before I went in. Wow, I barely remember being that big! And to think I got even bigger - crazy!

And a picture from the "inside" - look how little Kaitlyn and Caleb were!

Three years later I still remember my six week stay - I still remember how hard it was to be in there but then I look at my three little girls - girls I didn't know at all at that point - and I can see that every second was worth it. Carrying them as far as I did ensured their health which I am still grateful for today. Sometimes the hardest things in our lives turn into beautiful blessings!

Want to play along? Twinfatuation.


Kirk said...

Ahh Yes. I remember it well. All those weeks of bouncing between the kids school and babysitters, work, hospital visits, and getting the house "ready" for the grand arrival. Those weren't easy days.

But Looking at our amazing family right now, I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat! Thank You, my dear, for bringing each and every one of our children into this world. I look at our kids and thank God for the way he has poured out blessings upon us!

shopannies said...

such great memories as mine get older I love pictures that bring back these same type of sweet memories

Andrea said...

I'm not sure how far along you were at that point, but I think you look great!

Annie said...

What a great memories. You looks fantastic on that picture.

Kristy said...

I still can't believe I have no pictures of me in the hospital. I LOVE seeing pictures of that time for hard, but so worth it!

Cheryl Lage said...

Your perspective on the hospital stay is so spot on. :)

You've got SUCH a gorgeous crew...then and now!

Thanks so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday!

Cadi, Lance and our 4 miracles. said...

Love the belly shot. The look on your face is exactly how I felt at that point.

Thinking about how hard the pregnancy was and the newborn stage, and the fact that we made it through it, helps me during the difficult times now knowing that "this too shall pass" when things are tough.

I so miss the mass of feet and elbows in constant motion inside me, don't you? Never thought I would say that.