Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From The Middle Of The Ocean

Kirk and I are halfway through our cruise. Hard to believe that it’s almost over! We have been to the Cayman Islands and today, Cozumel. We have enjoyed the beach and the warm weather – even a waterslide! Of course, we love the ship and the food.

I have very limited internet connection – meaning it costs a fortune just to use so I am posting a very brief post just to let me kids know that I love them and miss them. And to say thanks to my parents for watching them these past few days. I haven’t been able to call them because of my lousy cell phone. I wasn’t even able to call home on my girls 3rd birthday.

Instead Kirk and I celebrated surviving three years with our beautiful daughters at the steak house on board.

And this is us today in Cozumel. We had a great time – went on our first excursion which was a zip line and then snorkeling – loads of fun!

I will have plenty of pictures and stories to share when I get back but for now I just want to say hi to Kaitlyn, Caleb, Julianna, Rachel and Alyssa! I love and miss you all so much. We’ll see you in a few days – enjoy your time with Grandpa and Grandma.


Annie said...

So gla you are having a great time.

Enjoy the cruise.

Take care

Cadi + 4 said...

Looks like fun. Except the zipline or the snorkeling. Oh and the ship. I like steak though.