Monday, November 02, 2009

Popular Sayings

We've all heard the worn-out cliches like "it's like finding a needle in a haystack" or "it's raining cats and dogs" but here at the Nelson house we're inventing a few new ones of our own.

With two weeks to go till the girls turn 3 (and just a week to go till Caleb turns 6) I thought I'd list a few of our favorites:

- "I do it myself" and/or "No, I do it!" followed by an agonizing wait while she figures out how to do it and then ultimately determines she can't and asks for help - at least they try :)

- "Don't hit your sista!" - this is very popular around here as you can imagine.

- "Rachel, wake up!" This is generally screamed by Julianna at any time in the morning before I get them out of bed. If Julianna is up, everybody's up!

- "Mom, Assa has to share!" - insert every other name here as well. Basically it means, someone isn't giving me what I want exactly when I want it which to them means they aren't sharing.

- "I want Spidermen" - for Alyssa this may be accurate - she seems to really like Spiderman but no, it means they're asking for vitamins :) They love those things and want to know why they can't have extras!

- "There's a spiderweb" - Julianna will point out anything, anywhere that resembles a spider. She wants to be sure no one steps on them. Not sure if this means she likes the spiders or not!

I wish I could remember every cute little thing they say but I can't. They are chattering back and forth to each other constantly. Julianna is always reminding her sisters what mommy or daddy says. She's quick to tattle if anyone commits even a minor infraction - I often here "Mama, tell Rachel no toys at the table".

All I can say is, at least they're listening!


Denise Wheeler said...

Oh boy, do I hear a lot of those same things! Sorry, I have been so out of touch in bloggy world. I did enjoy catching up on your posts. I really like that picture from your girls night out. I love the leaf pictures too! Even though it has been cooler than normal down here we still don't really have any leaves on the ground. :( I love taking the leaf pictures. They are so much fun!

Annie said...

I'm back, so trying to catching on blogs again.