Saturday, January 09, 2010

Found Cat and Field Trips

Thankfully Lollipop has returned home and Kaitlyn is back to her normal self. I am so grateful for answered prayer even when it comes to a missing cat! He came home late Wednesday night just after Kaitlyn finished crying herself to sleep. I had spent hours worrying that something may have happened to him and wondering how in the world Kaitlyn would cope. Having him show back up on our doorstep was a huge relief to us all!

And thankfully he showed back up before our light dusting of snow on Thursday and before Kaitlyn's field trip on Friday allowing her to have a wonderful time at the museums in DC.

Our first stop was the National Geographic Museum to see the Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors. It was very interesting though I can't say the kids were overly impressed. No cameras were allowed in so you'll have to go HERE to see what I'm talking about if you're interested.

Then it was back on the Metro, across the mall:

And into the Museum of Natural History where Kaitlyn ran away from crazy dinosaurs (hey, I saw that movie I bet they DO come alive at night!)...

Looked at real but dead Giant Squid and enjoyed some very life-like mammals.

But Kaitlyn's favorite stop by far was...the Gift Shop. Aaagh! The whole museum was right there - lots of other stuff we didn't have time to do but what she really wanted was to buy something in the gift shop.

And with that cute face who can deny her?


Candace Hickey said...

Pets are like family! Glad the cat made it home. :)

I have only been to DC once and some day I will return! I want to see more of the museums...looks like Kaitlin had a blast. Love that she like the gift shop...she is a natural born shopper!
Gymbucks this week!! woo hoo!

The G's said...

So glad your cat came home! The field trip looks like so much fun. Our kids are so lucky to have all of this in their back yard. Last year Audrey's class went to the White House. Pretty cool trip!!