Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Snowy Weekend

It seems that the only day of the week that it can snow here in Virginia is Saturday. I have no idea why but Saturday seems to be the best day! The downside is that we don't miss any school - big bummer for the kids but the upside is Kirk doesn't have to work (he works from home during weekday snowy days) and that leaves us free to clean the house!

Okay, that doesn't sound that fun but for some reason on snowy weekends we get a LOT of work done inside the house :)

Such as cleaning up Kaitlyn's room:

Sort of before - more like in the middle of rearranging.


The girls got in on the act:

Caleb's "after" - no "before" but believe me it was hard enough to walk in there!

But we still had some time for enjoying the snow.

For Rachel that meant eating it.

For Julianna that meant snow angels and "throwing" snowballs - today she seemed to like the snow better than last time.

Alyssa enjoyed the snow again - mostly playing on the deck and if I called her name her immediate answer was "cheese" - hmm, maybe she knows me too well :)

The other favorite activity was walking along the fence and making tracks in the snow. They all seemed to thoroughly enjoy messing up the perfect white snow - they are my girls! I love that too :)

The rest of us made it outside today too.

The snow didn't buy us a day off from school but it did buy us a school delay so at least we can all sleep in a little bit :) That I will take!

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Candace Hickey said...

OK your children have the coolest bedrooms!!
Looks like lots of fun in the snow.
We had 3 days of snow in Dallas....which is very rare. One of which was Christmas Eve...which was great because we still had snow on the ground Christmas Morning...a true White Christmas.