Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Hate (Loathe) Potty Training

Few things bring me great dread when raising children like the thought of potty training.

I hate it. I really do.

I also hate the stories of kids who are potty trained at 18 months. Who are these children? I have 5 and not a single one of my kids was potty trained before 3.

If you remember we started potty training a while ago but it didn't go anywhere. The girls didn't care and Pull-Ups are a joke - at least for my girls. We have Pull-Ups that has some design that disappears after they get wet. Yea, they don't care. Mostly they think it's funny.

For Christmas they got underwear. Exciting I know but come on they needed it :) They loved them but not to wear just to look at until Friday when all three asked to wear them.

Yea, progress!

Alyssa quit after a few hours. She hated it - didn't do it, she was done.

Rachel lasted till Saturday but spent all day today begging for a diaper and not going. But wanting to wear underwear all at the same time. What the heck? Make her stick with underwear? Go back to diapers? I hear it's confusing to go back and forth so I don't want to confuse her but I don't want to make her. Aagh! Crazy frustrating.

And Julianna is doing great. In a day she's now day-time potty trained and quite happy about it. Although more than anything she's happy about how many times she gets to wash her hands. Yep, that's her reward - hand washing. So she tries to go every 3 seconds just to wash her hands. It's cute but annoying because while she can do everything else she can't turn on the water or turn it off.

So that's potty training triplets at 3.2 years. Crazy hard.

But on the plus side 1 down 2 to go right? And someday the chance of NOT having diapers in my house. I can't even imagine - we've had diapers in our home for the past 9 1/2 years.

Counting down the days...


Annie said...

Oh Dorinda, I am on the same boat as you. I have the same "issues" with my girls. They want panties but don't want to use the potty. We started it last May and don't works. In August, try again and no way. Last Saturday they ask for panties and put them. Three hours for one and the other one stay dry for four hours. Both with one accident.

I don't know what else to do. I even say to them if they don't use panties they can go to preschool on August (they don't care).

We need to encourage and hit this process. What do you think?

missy said...

I potty trained all 3 of my kids (not trips) this way: Let them go bare bottomed (wear a long shirt or a dress) for a few days so they can "feel" themselves have to go. After they understand the feeling, put them in VERY loose underwear so they can still feel but get the gist of pulling panties up and down. This sounds really strange but has worked for SO many people I know. Winter is not the ideal time to do this b/c it is so cold, but you might give it a try!

Anonymous said...

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Donna B said...

Yeah potty training trips is definately an interesting time. I was going to start this week and now we are dealing with a stomach bug. I think we will wait another week.

When you have a chance head on over to my blog.

Candace Hickey said...

Ugh! As I read your words I felt myself nodding my head...yes...yes...yes!
I started with Reese last Friday because she woke up and decided she ONLY wanted panties. We stayed home...she wet herself..etc.

So we have pull ups on when we leave the house and panties on when we stay home.
My other two are not even CLOSE! My trio's 3rd birthday was last Sunday, so I am not going to sweat it til Aug. when they have to go to preschool.
Hang in there and know ...there are several of us with you!! :)

Angela said...

I feel so out of it and didn't realize that you had 2 blogs! How did I miss that? I'm always interested in how people are training their trips! I'm nervous and I have 2 years to go. I've heard of someone just potty training one at a time when they are giving signs that they're ready. They I've heard of trips being in their rooms with little potty chairs on waterproof pads and let them figure it out on their own...no thanks to that one! Sounds like they're on their way in their own time! We didn't even try our older 3 until 3.