Saturday, May 08, 2010

2010 Baby Reunion

Today was Genetics & IVF 24th Annual Baby Reunion and we were thrilled to attend. Other than Kaitlyn not feeling so well we all had a great time. We finally arrived early enough to get a seat at a table :) I know, but this is a big deal! It's so crowded that the tables fill up quickly and it's very hard to squeeze a family of 7 into anything.

We had a great day eating good food:

Dessert for all to enjoy:

Getting faces (and other body parts) painted:

Kaitlyn got her arm done: it's a penguin.

Caleb had other ideas. And oh yes, this was before the family photo :)

Julianna got a butterfly.

Rachel wanted a lamb on her leg. No idea why.

Alyssa went with a dolphin on her arm. Her idea. "I want from the sea"

And getting fun balloon animals (or swords for Caleb):

Just a beautiful photo of Kaitlyn with her new stuffed bear (every year GIVF hands out a stuffed animal to each child with a t-shirt on it - it's something my older two very much look forward to getting!) Even though she felt horrible she still looked cute!

And we couldn't miss a photo with one of my very favorite doctors: Dr. K - love her! She is super sweet and an awesome doctor. It's a great pictures other than my eyes so don't look too close :) At some point Kirk will have to Photoshop it or teach me how...

When I can't spend Mother's Day with my own mom, I very much enjoy spending Mother's Day weekend with so many other women who have waded through infertility and been blessed. While I believe that God opens and closes wombs I know He uses doctors to help us and I am grateful that GIVF was there to help me along in my journey to becoming a mother.

I wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day whether you are already a mother or not :) And of course I send a special "I love you" to my mom who could not be a better mother to me. She is an example to me and I hope that I can be to my children what she was and is to me. I love you Mom! You're the best mother I could ever hope to have :)

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